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Pass It On

It never hurts to recognize other people for the good they put into the world. For me, reading about the exciting events that other people attend, seeing pictures of their fabulous creations and outfits, and sometimes just sharing with their struggles brings joy. I appreciate being connected to other people who share my passion and sometimes I just want to escape and look at lovely things or share my own fun experiences and creations. Along those lines, I wish to thank Kelly, (who writes the blog Seam Racer) for recently gifting this blog a Blogger Recognition Award.


As these awards usually go, there are rules that each recipient tries to follow. They are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

The story of my blog…

I started my blog as a place to share the historical clothing creations I was making. I was just starting to attend vintage dance (and other historically clothed) events and I wanted to be able to share that fun with others. The blog was a great way to chronicle the awesome clothing I was creating as well as the amazing events I was able to attend. It also became a way of preserving memories in words as well as images–there are so many details of events that I’ve written out in blog posts but put aside in my head. It’s so nice to have a solid bank of memories to be able to review at will in such detail!

My advice to new bloggers…

#1: Find a way to incorporate pictures into all your posts–or at least most of them. It makes them less dense to read and more interesting to us visual types. Take the time to take pictures that are clear and go through them so you can include pictures that really tell a story. Of course there are exceptions–when you’ve made a beautiful thing and all your pictures are stunning, for example. Or perhaps you’ve had a very silly photoshoot and the pictures aren’t clear but they tell a great story.

#2: Comment on other people’s blogs. Express your excitement, ask questions, appreciate hard work, or maybe just let the author know you read their blog and enjoy it. You’d be amazed how much it can feel like you know someone when you’ve been blog-commenting back and forth but might have never met them in person. It helps feel like you’re part of a community, and if you ever get to meet those people in person, think about how much easier it will be to talk to them!

Passing on the award…

I greatly enjoy reading all of the blogs on my RSS feed list. It was hard to choose only 15 to pass this award along to! However, I eventually had to make decisions so I could get this post up. So here are the blogs that I would like to pass this award along to:

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Summary Of 2016: Looking Forward To 2017

Happy new year! The beginning of a new year is traditionally started here with a reflection on the past year and its accomplishments. I am surprised every year by the sheer number of sewing projects I complete. This year, I was more surprised by forgetting that some of these projects happened in the last year. They seem so far away already! So, without further introduction…

Projects I completed in 2016:


January: Elusive Blue 1899 (HSF #1)


February: 1880s Steam Molded Corset


March: Mr. Panniers


March: 1890s Skating Ensemble

IMG_2372-2 (1)

March: re-trimmed 1924 Robe de Style


April: Silly Aprons

IMG_0819 (1)

April: 1895 Herringbone Skirt

IMG_2477 (1)

April: Regency Shoe Bows


May: Kensingtons!

IMG_1094 (1)

May: 1885 Night Sky Fancy Dress

IMG_0287 (1)

May: 1770s Robe a la Francaise, worn at Versailles!


July: 1919 Ivory Eyelet (HSF #7)

IMG_2957 (1)

July: 1925 Swimsuit

IMG_2941 (1)

August: c. 1920 Bathing Boots

IMG_1672 (1)

September: Bubble Dot Skirt

IMG_7484 (1)

September: Henrietta Maria


October: 1899 Trained Skirt


October: Sophie, from 1861 (HSF #8)


October: Eleanor, from 1862 (HSF #10)


November: Winter Wool Skirt


December: 1832 Burgundy Velvet (HSF #12)

Other things of note from 2016 include my amazing trip to an 18th century evening at the palace of Versailles in May, a conclusion to all of my Vernet Project posts in December, and followers of the blog hitting 200 people. (I’m pretty sure that happened in 2016, though since I didn’t mark it with a post it’s hard to tell exactly.)

I participated in my fourth year of the Historical Sew Fortnightly/Monthly, completing 6 out of 12 challenges. As is usual, my sewing output did not always correspond to challenges and with so many projects already I find it nearly impossible to add projects just to complete a challenge and for no other reason.

I attended 10 balls, 15 other events (teas, picnics, outings etc.), and 3 vintage dance performances, for a total of 28 events. A busy year, but in keeping with the last few years of activities.

Looking at last year’s ‘definitely do’ list, I’m pleased to report that I met all of my goals! I made that list much shorter than in the past in order to accomplish it. Of the 8 things on the ‘maybe’ list, I completed 3 of them. Not bad.

And looking forward… Things on the ‘definitely do’ list:

  • A super sparkly 1920s evening dress
  • A new Regency evening dress
  • Resizing at least one older Regency evening dress
  • Restyling a 1930s evening gown made a few years ago

Things on the ‘maybe’ list:

  • Finishing an 1814 pelisse and matching hat
  • A 1900s blouse
  • A restyled 1980s does 1950s evening dress
  • Updating a pair of Edwardian bloomers
  • A modern hardcover book print dress
  • A modern autumn plaid dress
  • A modern black watch dress
  • Finishing a purple/orange/red floral modern dress started last year

I’m not sure what else will strike my fancy! There are no giant projects planned right now, leaving me open to whims of fancy. Uh oh! That could be bad… You’ll have to keep reading in 2017 to find out!

Here’s to some past and future memories of beautiful places and warm sun, even though it’s winter. I hope my 2017 is full of blessings and happiness, as is yours.


Summary Of 2015: Looking Forward To 2016

It’s that time of year, when I look back at what I’ve accomplished in the past year and share what I’m thinking of for the next year. As usual, I rather forget all that I’ve accomplished until I stop to think about it. When I put together pictures for this post it’s always amazing to see how many awesome projects I completed and how many special events I was able to be a part of in absolutely stunning places.

To start, projects I completed in 2015:


January: One of my favorite ever outfits to wear, 1895 Skating Ensemble (HSF/M #1)


February: Polka Dot Ice Skate Soakers


February: Completed 1811 UFO (HSF/M #2)


March: Turban Fillet


March: Flower Basket Fancy Dress


May: Modern Dotty Tap Pants (and a pair of jeans turned into capris that I wore all the time this summer but didn’t get pictures of)


June: 1924 Robe de Style


June: 1880s Steam Molded Corset (HSF/M #6)


July: 1880s Flower Pot Hat (HSF/M #7)


July: 1930s Beach Pajamas and Halter


August: 1885 Frills and Furbelows Dress




September: 1910 Dowager Countess Evening Gown (HSF/M #10)

IMG_1915 blog

November: A serious accomplishment, my 1814 Vernet Ensemble! (Don’t worry,I’ll be posting details about this ensemble in 2016!)


November: Green Regency shawl (HSF/M #12)

Also in 2015:

I participated in the Historical Sew Monthly 2015 and completed 6 of the 12 challenges. As usual, many of things I was sewing did not line up with the challenges. I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in 2016, as I tend to sew the things that I have an immediate opportunity to wear or that bring me joy without intentionally matching them up to a challenge, but I’ve decided to attempt it and see how I do.

In terms of events, I participated in 25 in 2015: 6 balls, 11 other events (teas, picnics, outings etc.), and 8 vintage dance performances.

Sewing-wise, I completed many of the things on my 2014 “to make” list (many pictured above), including the 1895 skating ensemble, the 1811 elusive blue turban fillet, my 1814 Vernet fashion plate recreation, the 1910 dowager countess evening gown, the 1880s steam molded corset, the 1885 frills and furbelows day dress, and the 1924 robe de style. Plus, I also squeezed in some small things that weren’t on the list in 2014!

There were also things that didn’t get made, but those were all on the maybe list, so I don’t feel at all bad about not getting to them, especially when looking at all the other fabulous things I did get to making!

Looking forward, I’ve been thinking of my 2016 sewing plan for months… and already have a full sewing schedule to keep me busy through May! Beyond that, it’s a little hard to know what items will take priority without knowing what events might pop up on my calendar. Also, it’s nice to keep things a little flexible so that I can adjust my sewing level as needed throughout the year. But I can say that these projects are certain:

  • An 1899 evening gown with two skirts: one for dancing and one with a  train
  • An 1880s “Starry Night” or “Starlight” fancy dress evening gown (I haven’t decided on a name yet)
  • A 1780s robe a la francaise (with panniers and accessories)

These other things are on the maybe-sew list for 2016:

  • A modern dress made of black patterned rayon
  • An 1850s plaid ball gown and a new smaller set of hoops
  • A pair of modern black capris
  • Finishing a modern cotton dress I started in 2013
  • Finishing an 1814 pelisse and matching hat
  • A 1900s blouse
  • An 1890s daytime skirt
  • An 1830s evening gown

One thing in 2016 that will be incredibly special and exciting is that I’m going to make a garment from the fabric I set aside for the 18th Century Court Gown Sew Along in 2014. (It’s the pink silk in the middle… I love the colors in this picture!)

Last year, I was sad I hadn’t worked on the project very much and was hesitant to let it go… But in May, I will be attending an event at Versailles. Yup, that Versailles. In France. Yikes! And of course I need clothes! (And hair! And shoes! There will be blog posts about getting things together! It will be great to have a reason to decorate and wear the Kensingtons I’ve had since 2012, but which have never been worn!)

This event is perfect inspiration to complete my court gown… except that if I ever have need of another lovely 18th century gown for an event in the US, it would be much more practical to have a robe a la francaise in my closet instead of a court gown… Luckily for me, by the 1770s a robe a la francaise was allowed in the French court except at the most formal occasions (check out Leimomi’s post about court gown history to learn more). I’ll be making wide panniers instead of modest pocket hoops, because it is Versailles, after all, but I’m feeling better about my decision to spend all the time and materials making something that might actually be worn again. So, I’ll sort of be completing the Court Gown Sew Along. The gown will certainly count in my books, and that’s what counts, right?


Blessings to you in 2016. I’m looking forward to more fun, more historical clothing, and more adventures!


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I was off getting married to Mr. Q! Final planning and execution rather dominated my life for a bit and then it was off for our honeymoon. Settling back into regular life didn’t take too long, but opening gifts, writing thank you cards, life errands, catching up on reading other people’s blog posts, and starting new sewing projects (because of course that didn’t take me long!) has delayed my return to posting. Don’t worry, when I have pictures of the wedding I will share, but in the meantime I have exciting pictures of the usual historical clothing variety to share, partly because I was busy with historically clothed events right up until less than a week before the wedding and partly because I’m already back to sewing more things and attending more events. Regularly-topic-ed posts will return soon!