Freshening Up The Blog

Wait, what? Is this the blog you were expecting?

Yes, I hope so! I’ve given The Quintessential Clothes Pen a design overhaul! We all change over time and I rather think the blog was overdue for a fresh look. The goal is to have a clean, simple look going forward.

I’ve still got a few small details to work out (I have to remember the little bit of CSS I taught myself a few years ago when I changed some smaller blog settings), but never fear, the content will be the same as it always has been!

7 thoughts on “Freshening Up The Blog

  1. It’s spring, the perfect time to “clean up”…I’m so relieved that your blog is still alive, with so many interesting blogs vanishing these days in favour of instagram and other picture heavy platforms.

    I’m happily following your new adventures at the sewing table and beyond and thank you for your excellent work and the attitude of sharing not only gorgeous photos, but also tutorials and the struggle one has to face in recreating the past with a needle 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, Sabine! I really appreciate knowing that there are others who still read blogs and appreciate them! 🙂 I’m so pleased and encouraged that you follow along with my adventures just as much as I follow along with yours.

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