This chronological image gallery includes historical, vintage, and modern clothing that I’ve made and shared about here on the blog.

Links will take you to posts sharing construction information and background about each garment or ensemble.

18th Century


1770s Robe à la Française (pockets, panniers, and petticoat) (left)
1780s Robe à l’ Anglaise (stays, under petticoat, and bum roll) (right)

19th Century


1811 Evening Gown with Turban Fillet (left)
1812 Square Neck Gown with Green Shawl (chemise, short staysbodiced petticoat, and blue under dress option) (right)


1813 Evening Gown (left)
1814 Vernet Ensemble (witzchoura, toque, muff, petticoat, and shoes) (right)


1814 Orange Boven Pelisse with Chemisette and Hat (left)
1815 Tree Gown (right)



1824 Ball Gown (petticoat) (left)
1832 Burgundy Velvet Ball Gown (sleeve puffs and silk petticoat) (right)


1834 Yellow Print Day Dress with 1831 Bonnet (corded petticoat) (left)
1837 Blue Cotton Print Dress (right)

   IMG_2370      IMG_3167

1838 Yellow Print Day Dress with 1836 Chemisette left)
c. 1855 Quilted Winter Hood (right)


c. 1855 Cape (left)
‘Georgina’ 1858 Day Dress with 1857 Straw Hat (right)


‘Georgina’ 1858 Evening Bodice (left)
‘Annabelle’ 1859 Ball Gown (right)


c. 1860 Underclothes (chemise, drawers, and hoop skirt; also, petticoat) (left)
c. 1860 Pink Corset (right)


‘Belle’ 1860 Ball Gown (left)
‘Sophie’ 1861 Day Dress (smaller hoop skirt) (right)


‘Eleanor’ 1862 Plaid Ball Gown (left)
‘Genevieve’ 1863 Ball Gown (right)


‘Evie’ 1864 Ball Gown (left)
1875 Reception Ensemble (petticoat, balayeuse, and hat) (right)


IMG_6993 - Version 3       


IMG_6929 - Version 3       


1895 Ice Skating Ensemble (left)
1895 Herringbone Skirt with 1895 Swiss Dot Blouse (right)


1896 Bicycling Ensemble with Dickey (and Bow Tie) and Black Gaiters (left)
1899 Evening Gown (and with a train) (right)

20th Century


1903 Underclothes (corset cover and petticoat; also, combination and corset) (left)
1903 Ensemble (skirt, bolero, and hat) (right)


1903 Tailored Ensemble (blouse, skirt, jacket, and hat) (left)
1904 Anne Ensemble (blouse, skirt, and hat) (right)


1910 Dowager Countess Evening Gown (left)
1912 Evening Gown (right)


1912 Tea Gown with ‘Mushroom’ Hat (left)
1913 Corset (right)


1913 Tailored Ensemble (blouse, skirt, jacket, and hat; chemise, corset cover, and petticoat) (left)
1917 Ensemble (Knitted Sweater of Angorina, waist, skirt, hat and muff set, and ivory gaiters(right)


1919 Ivory Eyelet Dress (left)
1920 Deauville Sweater (right)


1922 Blouse with 1920s Wide Brim Hat (left)
1924 Golden Robe de Style (right)


1925 Swimsuit (c. 1920 Bathing Boots) (left)
1925 Blue Coral Dress with 1920s Lace Cloche (right)


1925 Beaded Evening Gown (left)
1925 Coat (right)


1926 Day Dress (left)
1926 Silver Lace Robe de Style (right)


1927 Blush Sparkle Evening Gown (left)
1928 Egyptomania Inspired Dress (right)


1928 Evening Gown (left)
1930s Beach Ensemble (right)


1933 Sunshine Yellow Day Dress (left)
1933 Dramatic Evening Gown (right)


1933 Green & Gold Dress and Hat (left)
1934 Metallic Evening Gown (right)


1943 Mauve Print Dress (left)
1950 Baroness Dress (right)


1953 Dot Dress (petticoat) (left)
c. 1955 Evening Dress (right)



1940s ‘Anne Adams’ pattern inspired Purple Stripe Dress (left)
1950s inspired Book Print Dress (right)


1950s inspired Happy Clover Dress (left)
1950s inspired Bubble Dots Skirt (right)


Vintage inspired Fortescue Frock (left)
Vintage inspired Plum Pants With Pointed Pockets (right)


Vintage inspired burgundy ½ Circle Skirt (left)
Vintage inspired black ¾ Circle Skirt (right)


Vintage inspired brown ¾ Circle Skirt (left)
Floral ‘Henrietta Maria’ Dress from a Scroop Pattern(right)


Ikat ‘Henrietta Maria’ Dress from a Scroop Pattern (left)
A New Old(er) Dress (right)


Autumn Plaid Dress (left)
My Favorite Winter Things Skirt (right)














2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. My 3 granddaughters 8, 10, 13 have been begging me to make them ball gowns from the 1800’s.
    These are the loveliest I’ve seen !

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