Bubble Dots At The Aquarium

This summer I found some time to make some everyday modern clothes. Here’s one of those garments, a simple gathered skirt made interesting due to the ombre printed fabric, which reminds me of rising bubbles.

IMG_1672 (1)

I’d seen this fabric at the store, didn’t buy it, then saw it again about a month later and decided (or was convinced by friends…) to purchase it. I finished off the bolt with somewhere around 3 yards, which was perfect for a full hem.


It looks pretty snazzy with a petticoat under it, so I’m hoping to have some excuse to wear it someday as 1950s instead of modern. In the meantime, I’ve worn it with a variety of white and oatmeal colored tanks and tees, both of which are nice continuations of the ombre effect of the skirt pattern.

The skirt is a mix of hand and machine sewing. The only seam is serged. The hem is hand sewn to be invisible. The zipper is hand picked because I didn’t feel like dealing with a machine zipper foot. The buttonhole is hand sewn because I didn’t feel like dealing with a buttonhole foot. And the inside of the waistband is sewn down by hand to keep things tidy.

IMG_1645 (1)
Hand picked zipper. Cute curved tab on the waistband to echo the dots with a lone vintage button from the stash.
IMG_1644 (1)
Look at that pattern matching!
IMG_1646 (1)
Tidy seam and hem.

For pictures, I wore this to the aquarium. It seemed fitting, with the bubble dots! I greatly enjoyed the larger animals–penguins of three types, seals, and sea turtles. I went with Mr. Q, who remembers going to see Myrtle the sea turtle when he was young and on school field trips. Sea turtles have long life spans, so Myrtle is still there, floating around. The aquarium has this to say about her:

Myrtle, our green sea turtle, lives in the Giant Ocean Tank. She has lived at the Aquarium since June 1970. She is approximately 80 years old, weighs more than 500 pounds, and eats lettuce, cabbage, squids, and brussels sprouts.


Hi Myrtle!

There was another large turtle in the giant ocean tank as well, named Ari.

IMG_1652 (1)

And penguins! They are so cute and funny!

IMG_1656 (1)

IMG_1657 (1)

IMG_1655 (1)

All the water in the tanks came out looking like the same colors in my skirt in these pictures. Perfect!

5 thoughts on “Bubble Dots At The Aquarium

  1. Lovely skirt, and perfect pattern matching. Totally get hand sewing because you don’t feel like grappling with the machine foot – I seem to be doing this more and more.

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