Blogs I Enjoy

These are blogs with great content that I enjoy keeping an eye on.

  • All The Pretty Dresses: Posts documenting extant historic clothing located around the internet
  • Amanda’a Costumes: Posts about historic clothing construction and events attended
  • American Duchess: Frequent posts regarding making and wearing historic clothing, as well as a source of reproduction shoes
  • Andrea Schewe Design: Frequent posts about sewing and making up the garment pattern cover samples for commercial patterns
  • Angela Clayton’s Costumery and Creations: Gorgeous and detailed historical creations, with the construction process shown in detail.
  • Anna In Technicolor: Posts about historic, vintage, and modern sewing projects
  • The Antique Sewist: Posts showing historical clothing projects usually from the 18th and 19th centuries
  • A Sartorial Statement: Adventures in historic costuming with side trips into other costuming areas
  • A Tailor Made It: Posts mostly about making menswear from a super experienced theatrical tailor/cutter
  • Atelier Nostalgia: Posts showing and wearing historical clothing with a lean towards Dutch history
  • The Austrian Woman: Posts about adventures in making and wearing historic clothing
  • Ballgown In A Backpack: Posts usually about making and wearing historical clothing
  • Beauty From Ashes: Lots of historic clothing construction posts as well as posts about wearing historic clothing to events
  • Before The Automobile: Absolutely stunning historic clothing, with pictures showing construction, and events attended
  • Bella Miss Ella: Fun to read historic clothing blog
  • Bobby Pin Blog: All about vintage hair and make-up styling
  • The Bohemian Belle: Posts about making and wearing historic clothing and related adventures
  • Classic Costume: Pretty reproduction clothes, historical inspiration, and research on the subject
  • Commitment To Costumes: Close up looks at extant garments from the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • The Costumer’s Closet: A lively and fun historic costuming blog from the energetic and exuberant Loren
  • Costuming Wonderings: Lovely costumes from Jenny including lots of posts about construction and patterning of garments
  • The Couture Courtesan: Historic clothing and re-enactments are the focus of this blog that is both fun to read and to look at
  • Couture Historique: Great info and pictures regarding historic clothes
  • Dames a la Mode Blog: Posts about making and wearing historic costumes from the late 18th and early 19th centuries
  • Dames a la Mode Tumblr: An immense collection of fashion plates from 1770-1830, these can be viewed year by year and decade by decade
  • Death By Deco: A blog about wearing and styling vintage fashion
  • Demode Couture: Research, construction, and finished historic projects fill these posts
  • Diary of a Mantua Maker: Inspirational and insightful historic clothing related blog content
  • The Dreamstress: Frequent and entertaining posts about a wide range of historic clothing with lots of pictures
  • Dressed In Time: Incredibly detailed posts about creating historic costume, with a focus on the 18th century
  • Edelweiss Patterns: Posts about historic clothing: making and wearing, as well as about Edelweiss Pattern Company
  • Emily’s Vintage Visions: Posts about making and attending historic events with a hefty portion of 1930s, 40s, and 50s vintage as well
  • Eva’s Kleidertruhe: Lovely clothing and accessories as well as pictures of events attended, mostly Regency, but other times, too
  • Experiments in Elegance: Charming posts about historic clothes and other fun things
  • Fabric & Fiction: Detailed posts about constructing historical and cosplay costumes
  • A Fashionable Frolick: Picture-filled posts focusing on the 18th century but branching out into the 19th and 20th centuries also
  • The Fashionable Past: Detailed and picture filled historic costume blog posts including construction posts about finished garments
  • Festive Attyre: Lots of picture and research filled posts about constructing and wearing historic costumes
  • Fitting Sarah: Posts about making and wearing historic costumes
  • Flashback Summer: A vintage lifestyle blog with an intercultural twist and lots of clothing
  • A Fractured Fairytale: Wonderful pictures and explanations of historic costume making
  • Fresh Frippery: Mostly adventures in historical costuming with side trips to other types of projects
  • Frolicking Frocks: Research, progress, and finished garment picture filled posts showing adventures in historic costuming, so far with a focus on the 19th century
  • A Frolic Through Time: Very detailed posts about construction and embroidery, focusing on 1790s clothes; also a fabulous resource section with many easy to access digital sources
  • Genteel Musings: A general focus on the 18th century, with posts about making and wearing garments
  • Gilded Garb: Posts dedicated to the construction and sharing of historic costumes and events attended
  • Gwendolyn Grey: Posts about making and wearing historic clothes with lots of pretty pictures
  • Hannah Sutherland: Wonderful posts showing a view into museum and textile work as well as costumes being constructed and worn.
  • The Hidden Wardrobe: An intimate look at items in the Snowshill Collection, with lots of great, close-up photos and well researched and documented text and explantation of the various items’ place in history
  • An Historical Lady: Frequent posts including really lovely 18th century clothing, an 18th century house, and events attended
  • Historically Dressed: Posts about historic clothing projects
  • If I Had My Own Blue Box: Lovely posts about 19th century, especially mid-century, clothing and related things
  • In The Long Run: Posts about the construction and wearing adventures of historic costume
  • In The Past Lane: Posts about being a living historian, as well as wearing mostly mid-19th century clothing at events, and hopefully posts about historic foods
  • It’s All Frosting: Posts about historical sewing, events attended, and lots of yummy baked goods
  • Jane Fox Historical Costumes: Posts about making and wearing historical clothing
  • Kleidung um 1800: A fantastic blog about historic clothing from 1795-1820 with lots of great pictures, in German and English
  • The Laced Angel: Historic costuming adventures mostly focused on the 19th and 20th  centuries.
  • La Chatelaine Chocolat: Adventures in making and wearing historic clothes, with a tendency toward late the 18th and early 20th centuries, but sometimes the 19th, too
  • The Lady Detalle: Historical costuming from the 18th and 19th centuries with an attention on accessories and jewelry
  • The Lady of Portland House: Such lovely posts about historic clothing and events, generally focusing on Regency looks
  • L.M. Sewing: Posts about adventures in making historic clothing and crafty things
  • Locks of Elegance: Clear hairstyle tutorials (with lots of pictures!) for styles from Medieval to Edwardian
  • Madame Modiste: Posts documenting lovely historic costumes from the 18th through early 20th centuries, including many bustle styles
  • Maggie May Fashions: Posts about making historical clothing from the mid-19th through early 20th centuries
  • Maggie’s Costume Wardrobe: Posts about wearing modern and historic costumes and finding accessories to go with them
  • The Mended Soul: Stunning and fabulous historical clothing worn in lovely places, and with posts about construction, too
  • Miss Hendrie’s Workbook: Historical and modern clothing sewing and knitting projects
  • Miss Hero Holliday: Pin up style with lots of petticoats, lovely outfits, and beautiful photo shoots
  • Miss Temby: Historical projects and adventures, often from the Victorian period
  • Miss Victory Violet: Pin up style with lots of great hair and makeup tutorials as well as many lovely outfits
  • Mode de Lis: Posts sharing lovely vintage and vintage inspired modern clothing
  • The Modern Mantua-Maker: Beautiful vintage inspired modern clothing as well as posts about historic clothing
  • Mouse Borg Designs: Posts about making historic clothing and accessories
  • My Fanciful Muse: Wonderfully informative posts focusing on all things Regency, with many pictures and fashion plates
  • Natalie Garbett – Marker of Historical Clothing and Costumes: Lovely creations and research from the early 19th century
  • Our Girl History: Posts concerning living history, historical clothing, and materials culture.
  • Patterning Historical Fashions: Posts about Lindsey’s MFA thesis patterning and recreating historic garments
  • Plaid Petticoats: Whimsical posts about historic clothing and related costume adventures
  • Polka Polish: Posts about vintage and reproduction vintage outfits that are super cute with lots of pictures
  • Purls and Pleats: Beautiful knitting projects and inspiring modern dresses and other clothing are the subject of these posts
  • Recreating Georgian Jewelry: Posts about the history of Georgian jewelry and adventures in recreating it
  • Recreating the Nineteenth Century Ballroom: Posts about historic clothing, food, dances, etiquette, and fabulous historic places
  • Redthreaded: Posts about making historical corsets and occasionally dresses, as well as about the Redthreaded pattern line and ready-made historical underpinnings
  • Regency Tea Party: Posts about mostly Regency events and clothing with lots of pictures of pretty places and well dressed people
  • Rococo Atelier: Picture filled posts about construction of lovely historic clothing and events attended
  • Ruby’s Rags: Beautiful costumes from the 19th and early 20th centuries, with amusing commentary
  • Saltpetre and Pins: An emphasis on historic clothing with the addition of fun pictures of Revolutionary War reenacting
  • The Sartorial Sleuth: Academic-oriented posts about historical clothing, textiles, and costume history
  • Seam Racer: Lots of fun vintage projects from the 1920s to the 1970s
  • The Secret Dreamworld of a Jane Austen Fan: Fun posts all about Regency related things
  • Sew 18th Century: Research and clothing focusing on the Revolutionary War period, but with forays into other periods as well
  • Sewaholic: Posts about her pattern line, things made, and running a small business
  • The Sewing Goatherd: Lots of posts about modern and historical sewing projects
  • Sew Something Vintage: Mounds of images from magazines and pattern books from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1960s
  • The Shadow Of My Hand: Posts about making and wearing historic clothing mostly from the 18th and early 19th centuries
  • Stepping Into History: Costuming adventures generally focused on the 19th century
  • Stylin’ a La Fleur: Musing and research in the realm of modern and historic beauty and cosmetology
  • Teacups Among the Fabric: Lots of posts about 18th century adventures, but branching into other centuries as well
  • That Purple Dress: Adventures in historic costuming with lots of lovely pictures and beautiful clothes
  • Tickety Boo Tupney: Vintage clothing made and worn, with lots of lovely knitted projects
  • Time Traveling In Costume: Adventures involving making and wearing historic costumes from the 18th through 20th centuries
  • Threading Through Time: Sewing adventures in historical clothing
  • The Ugly Dame: Historical and vintage blog with a focus on 1940s German women’s wear
  • Tuppence Ha’penny: Posts about vintage fashion with lovely photos, often from the 1940s & 1950s, as well as excursions into decor, fabrics, etc.
  • Va-Voom Vintage: Vintage outfit, homemaking, and craft posts with lots of photos and a positive outlook on life
  • The Victorian Archivist: Posts mostly about making and wearing Victorian clothing
  • Vintage Gal: Gorgeous posts focusing on handmade and crocheted  1930s and 1940s clothing
  • Wearing History: Frequent posts about vintage and historic clothes and the pattern line Wearing History
  • What Would Nancy Drew Wear?: A blog recording (mostly) vintage sewing adventures
  • Zeitverweil: Posts about historic clothing and related adventures, in German and English
  • 18th Century Stays: A focused blog from Hallie Larkin, with lots of great information and pictures of extant stays

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