HSF #15: 18th Century Bum Roll

When I posted about my new apricot 18th century petticoat, I also mentioned that there was a sneak peak at my new bum roll in the pictures. Remember? The bum roll fulfills the HSF #15 Challenge: White. It’s a rather simple accessory, so there’s not a whole lot to say about it.

Ooo… A white bum roll!

The facts:

Fabric: About 10″ white striped cotton

Pattern: None, the bum roll is just a rectangle that’s gathered at the sides and tapered a little toward the front points.

Year: Loosely 1700-1780.

Notions: Thread, poly fill, 1/4″ white cotton tape for ties.

How historically accurate?: I give it 80%. Bum pads/rolls in the 18th century were probably not made of cotton or stuffed with poly fill. But the shape achieves the desired silhouette and is in the vein of research I have seen on 18th century bum rolls.

Hours to complete: 1

First worn: Well, Squishy wore it for pictures!

Total cost: The fabric was $1 a yard, so about 30 cents.

The gathers are what creates the crescent shape. It pulls in to be a tighter curve when tied around the body as well.

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