Summary of 2022: Looking Forward To 2023

Another year of life and blogging has passed… and wow was it busy! It was actually less busy here on the blog on my end due to the immense busyness of ‘real’ life. I didn’t post as much as I wanted to in an ideal world, but I did maintain a pace of 1-2 posts a month, which feels like a small accomplishment. I really appreciate each of you who has read and commented on my posts with encouragement and appreciation.

Projects I completed in 2022

February: DIY Weighted Pillow Doorstop Tutorial and a doorstop for friends!

March: 1837 Blue Cotton Print Dress #1

May: Snowshoe Pads

June: 1850s Ivory Quilted Winter Hood (HSM #5)

June: Homemade Slippers

December: c. 1785 Green Stays (HSM #11)

General Blog News

I participated in the Historical Sew Monthly for the tenth year! This year, I only completed 2 out of 12 challenges, due mostly to the fact that I just didn’t sew as much as I wanted to or have done in the past, and that some of my sewing projects were modern.

Additional Opportunities 

I finally posted about an invitation to visit to the Lippitt House in Providence, Rhode Island in historical clothing. I say ‘finally’ because the visit occured in 2019!

Event Recap

Small and medium sized events started to occur again, which is really exciting! I attended 3 balls (some as part of a weekend event), 4 other events (picnic, croquet, outings, etc.), and participated in 3 weekend events (that included dancing, games, teas, picnics, winter activities, and grand house tours).

To Do Lists

Last year, I only posted a ‘maybe’ to do list. Of that list, I finished the c.1785 Green Stays that were intended to replace the Stays of Fail. Yay! And I mostly finished the 1790s Stays of Fail (started early in 2018). I also started assembling the 1836 Blue Print Cotton Day Dress #2, though it is by no means complete.

This year, my ‘definitely-do’ list includes:

  • Finishing the Stays of Fail!
  • Completing updates to my 1933 Dramatic Evening Gown (started in December 2022 but worn with safety pins… I’d like to sew the things that are pinned!)

The ‘maybe’ list includes:

  • 1790s petticoat
  • 1790s dress
  • 1930s burgundy crepe blouse
  • Finishing the 1836 Blue Print Cotton Day Dress #2

Who knows what else I’ll be inspired by. Mostly, I’d just like to find (or make, I suppose) the time to slow down, relax, and sew something… anything, really.

I hope that you, too, find and/or make time to slow down, relax, and find beauty in the little things in 2023.


One thought on “Summary of 2022: Looking Forward To 2023

  1. Dear Quinn,
    You made really nifty things this year, not least the snowshoe pads.
    The snow picture with your quilted hood is evocative. How I miss deep snows, and walking in woods that you’d think would be silent, but that are full of bird calls and the creaking and sighing of branches, and sometimes the soft pfffllp of falling clumps of snow as you pass.
    Here’s to a 2023 full of exploration and experiences to remember!
    Very best,
    Natalie in KY, nippy but snowless

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