Waves, Curls, Earrings… And Dancing From The 1910s

It’s been over a month now, but back in July I attended a Ragtime ball that proved to be great fun. I wore my tried-and-true 1912 burgundy and gold evening gown (while it’s nice to have new things, it’s also nice to pull beautiful things out of the closet, too!). Despite wearing a dress I’ve worn before, I tried a new style with my hair, including a repurposed (and therefore new-feeling) accessory.

I was inspired by hairstyles like these from the early 1910s. There are more examples on my Hair: 1900-1920 Pinterest board as well, if you’re interested. What I took away from these images was the use of a headband of some sort, the rather large airy shape, and the defined waves and curls.

c. 1912 Lily Elsie
La coiffure française illustrée. (1910)

Of course, I decided to try this out the afternoon of the event so I hadn’t thought ahead in terms of what to use for a headband. After casting around a bit I thought of a bead necklace I’d purchased a few years ago that ties with a ribbon. Why not use that as a headband? In addition to the bead-necklace-as-headband, I wore my Downton Abbey Collection earrings, which are quite lovely and matched my dress very well in color and style.

Quinn M. Burgess
It took rather a lot of time to create the front waves with my curling iron. The back loopy curls were time consuming, too, though fun until my arms started to hurt from being held up for extended periods of time.
Quinn M. Burgess (1)
I love how defined the curls came out, though, and while I do think there’s a slightly flat spot at the back of my head I generally think the silhouette is what I was aiming for.
Quinn M. Burgess (2)
Waves, curls, and earrings!

And here is the dancing in action! People were very well dressed and enthusastic at this event and really seemed to have a good time. For most dances there was hardly anyone sitting out! That’s great, especially when the crowd is a mix of ages.

Quinn M. Burgess

Quinn M. Burgess (1)

Quinn M. Burgess (2)

5 thoughts on “Waves, Curls, Earrings… And Dancing From The 1910s

  1. That seems to have worked very well with your hair, and it looked quite lovely!! If you’re worried about a flat spot, you might try a ponytail with a “pouf” (?) hidden under your hair for a little more lift. Though you do have heavy hair, I suspect, and it might lead to a headache. Love that dress you wore too, such a beautiful color and line.
    This weeks new Doctor Who had the Clara character in Victorian costume for awhile and loved her hairdo. All tamed curls and lift, but not too much for how small her frame is. Wish mine would behave like that.

  2. Ohmygosh!! Your hair is perfection! I am so very impressed that you could get the waves in the front like you did! And genius idea for the necklace becoming a headband! Everything looks exactly like it does in the many photographs I have seen from the 10/teens!!! Most excellent!!

  3. I’m totally envious of how many balls and dances you get to attend! Your hair looks fabulous (have you thought about doing Youtube tutorials?) and I think you nailed it with the necklace headband. 😉

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