1922 Lawn Party Ensemble

Remember my Sort-of 1920s Long Handled Parasol and my 1920s Wide Brim Hat? I was able to wear/use both of these at the recent 1920s Crane Estate Lawn Party event. I attended the event last year as well, which you can check out to see more pictures of the venue than I’ve included in this post.

This year, I paired my new parasol and hat with a pleated skirt from ebay (it was one of those things you gamble on when you order, and while I don’t like it for modern wear I think it worked perfectly for an early 20s look!), a new silk blouse c. 1922, my 1917 Knitted Sweater of Angorina (because I’m sure people didn’t wear their clothing only during one year!), and my American Duchess Astorias. It’s wonderful to have accessories and pieces like sweaters in the closet that can fill out an outfit without having to always create an entirely new ensemble.

My goal was an early 1920s look, when the skirts were still long and the clothes weren’t quite such bags. In terms of overall clothing style, I was aiming for the yellow lady in the image below. In terms of accessories, I was aiming for some of the looks which you can see in this past post about making my parasol.

The Delineator Magazine 1923

The blouse I made from white silk crepe the afternoon before the event. It’s all one piece, with the gathered sections on the sides. I used short sleeves, as in view A, but omitted the bow, as in view C. This was partially due to fabric restrictions, as I used fabric left over from another project and I only had an odd shaped piece to work with. I’m not entirely pleased with it, because, being 20s, it is rather a bag, but it was very comfortable, which I did like. I think I would like it better if it was an off white rather than a bright white, because it would have complimented my outfit better. But my hand knitted sweater is ivory and I was really pleased to wear it over the blouse, because I liked the color and the length better. It has such nice proportions with the skirt!

My inspiration for the blouse. Butterick pattern #3779 from 1922 at COPA. I used the pattern layout as a general guide for creating my blouse.
IMG_0033 (1 of 1)
My 1922 blouse. (…that is a bag!)

In no particular order, here are a variety of pictures taken around the estate of the entire ensemble. There were quite a few that I liked, for the movement of the fabrics, or the pose, or the background. The wide hat brim was great for hiding my face. Useful, since I am really good at making weird faces and not always the best at making good picture faces.

IMG_0083 (1 of 1)
Looking out over the ocean.
IMG_0119 (1 of 1)
In the sunken garden.
IMG_0133 (1 of 1)
At the gate to the secret garden.
IMG_0141 (1 of 1)
At the beginning of the wooded path.
IMG_0145 (1 of 1)
Exploring the wooded path.
IMG_0151 (1 of 1)
Appreciating the gnarly trees.
IMG_0165 (1 of 1)
Ascending the path.

Of course, sometimes I was the person behind the camera as well (it’s only fair that if I want lots of pictures of my outfits that I also reciprocate!). Here are a few other pictures just for fun. I took all of these except the last one.

IMG_0095 (1 of 1)
Capturing the ocean and the lovely parasol.
IMG_0108 (1 of 1)
The house is surrounded by a lovely terrace with stone walls.
IMG_0137 (1 of 1)
Through the gate to the secret garden was distant view of marshes.

And, lastly, a bit of humor to end the parade of pictures.

IMG_0110 (1 of 1)
One section of the lawn had a great bootlegger setup and I was particularly amused to see the (modern) police hanging out right next to it.

And there we are! All of my recent 1920s accessories have been worn/used and documented in my complex photography files. That’s it for 1920s for awhile.

6 thoughts on “1922 Lawn Party Ensemble

  1. Oh I am in love with your outfit!! I think my favorite picture is the second one down..it shows beautifully your outfit and the parasol. The grass and trees make a perfect frame for the very feminine colors of your dress! The one of you at the garden gate is quite beautiful as well! What a fun place to have an event! Everything is so lovely!

  2. You could always try tea dyeing your top to get a slightly darker color? It looks lovely together either way! I do envy you being able to attend the party that day. I love that Pickup (?) the bootleggers using, Must have had donuts around if the cops were there.

    1. Thanks! I did think about tea dyeing it, but didn’t want to attempt it that afternoon, because I was already a little frustrated and wanted the project to be done. But it’s not out of the question for the future.

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