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Waves, Curls, Earrings… And Dancing From The 1910s

It’s been over a month now, but back in July I attended a Ragtime ball that proved to be great fun. I wore my tried-and-true 1912 burgundy and gold evening gown (while it’s nice to have new things, it’s also nice to pull beautiful things out of the closet, too!). Despite wearing a dress I’ve worn before, I tried a new style with my hair, including a repurposed (and therefore new-feeling) accessory.

I was inspired by hairstyles like these from the early 1910s. There are more examples on my Hair: 1900-1920 Pinterest board as well, if you’re interested. What I took away from these images was the use of a headband of some sort, the rather large airy shape, and the defined waves and curls.


c. 1912 Lily Elsie


La coiffure française illustrée. (1910)

Of course, I decided to try this out the afternoon of the event so I hadn’t thought ahead in terms of what to use for a headband. After casting around a bit I thought of a bead necklace I’d purchased a few years ago that ties with a ribbon. Why not use that as a headband? In addition to the bead-necklace-as-headband, I wore my Downton Abbey Collection earrings, which are quite lovely and matched my dress very well in color and style.

Quinn M. Burgess

It took rather a lot of time to create the front waves with my curling iron. The back loopy curls were time consuming, too, though fun until my arms started to hurt from being held up for extended periods of time.

Quinn M. Burgess (1)

I love how defined the curls came out, though, and while I do think there’s a slightly flat spot at the back of my head I generally think the silhouette is what I was aiming for.

Quinn M. Burgess (2)

Waves, curls, and earrings!

And here is the dancing in action! People were very well dressed and enthusastic at this event and really seemed to have a good time. For most dances there was hardly anyone sitting out! That’s great, especially when the crowd is a mix of ages.

Quinn M. Burgess

Quinn M. Burgess (1)

Quinn M. Burgess (2)

The Gibson Shoe!


The latest shoe from American Duchess: the Gibson.

Lauren has all sorts of cute shoes planned for 2013, so I’m pretty sure this is only the beginning of what will be more shoe posts this year. Aren’t these cute though? I’m trying to decide between black and brown… If you are at all interested, pre-order-time is the time to make your decision, because if Lauren doesn’t receive enough orders, the style (or certain colors) might be cancelled. And that would be  sad! You now have no excuse. At the very least you should go check them out


A Day In The Life of Quinn

6:30am: alarm dings and I press snooze 3 times

7am: wake up, shower, coif hair, apply makeup, dress

8am: grab already packed bags and head out the door

9am: change into Annabelle and participate in the filming of a documentary regarding Henry Bergh, the founder of the ASPCA, by Sagacity Productions

The CVD members who participated in the filming.

2pm: go out to lunch (still in 1860s garb)

It’s hard to sit next to each other in modern seating when wearing hoops!

4pm: head home for a super quick nap

5pm: paint toes and get dressed for a modern evening out

Yes… I do actually wear modern clothes sometimes!

11pm: arrive home, feeling like I’ve just lived at least two days… all in one!

The amazing part? Despite the fact that I didn’t have time to change my 1860s hair style, it worked just as well for my modern look! I got a comment that it looked inspired by the 1940s. Maybe? I think a modern woman always looks distinguished and a bit vintage when wearing her hair up in the evening, since it is just not the style these days (and I was surrounded by mostly college age people… so there were mostly curling ironed hair styles around…). To be entirely fair, there were many amazing parts of that day! I feel blessed that it was mine.