Summary Of 2016: Looking Forward To 2017

Happy new year! The beginning of a new year is traditionally started here with a reflection on the past year and its accomplishments. I am surprised every year by the sheer number of sewing projects I complete. This year, I was more surprised by forgetting that some of these projects happened in the last year. They seem so far away already! So, without further introduction…

Projects I completed in 2016:

January: Elusive Blue 1899 (HSF #1)
February: 1880s Steam Molded Corset
March: Mr. Panniers
March: 1890s Skating Ensemble
IMG_2372-2 (1)
March: re-trimmed 1924 Robe de Style
April: Silly Aprons
IMG_0819 (1)
April: 1895 Herringbone Skirt
IMG_2477 (1)
April: Regency Shoe Bows
May: Kensingtons!
IMG_1094 (1)
May: 1885 Night Sky Fancy Dress
IMG_0287 (1)
May: 1770s Robe a la Francaise, worn at Versailles!
July: 1919 Ivory Eyelet (HSF #7)
IMG_2957 (1)
July: 1925 Swimsuit
IMG_2941 (1)
August: c. 1920 Bathing Boots
IMG_1672 (1)
September: Bubble Dot Skirt
IMG_7484 (1)
September: Henrietta Maria
October: 1899 Trained Skirt
October: Sophie, from 1861 (HSF #8)
October: Eleanor, from 1862 (HSF #10)
November: Winter Wool Skirt
December: 1832 Burgundy Velvet (HSF #12)

Other things of note from 2016 include my amazing trip to an 18th century evening at the palace of Versailles in May, a conclusion to all of my Vernet Project posts in December, and followers of the blog hitting 200 people. (I’m pretty sure that happened in 2016, though since I didn’t mark it with a post it’s hard to tell exactly.)

I participated in my fourth year of the Historical Sew Fortnightly/Monthly, completing 6 out of 12 challenges. As is usual, my sewing output did not always correspond to challenges and with so many projects already I find it nearly impossible to add projects just to complete a challenge and for no other reason.

I attended 10 balls, 15 other events (teas, picnics, outings etc.), and 3 vintage dance performances, for a total of 28 events. A busy year, but in keeping with the last few years of activities.

Looking at last year’s ‘definitely do’ list, I’m pleased to report that I met all of my goals! I made that list much shorter than in the past in order to accomplish it. Of the 8 things on the ‘maybe’ list, I completed 3 of them. Not bad.

And looking forward… Things on the ‘definitely do’ list:

  • A super sparkly 1920s evening dress
  • A new Regency evening dress
  • Resizing at least one older Regency evening dress
  • Restyling a 1930s evening gown made a few years ago

Things on the ‘maybe’ list:

  • Finishing an 1814 pelisse and matching hat
  • A 1900s blouse
  • A restyled 1980s does 1950s evening dress
  • Updating a pair of Edwardian bloomers
  • A modern hardcover book print dress
  • A modern autumn plaid dress
  • A modern black watch dress
  • Finishing a purple/orange/red floral modern dress started last year

I’m not sure what else will strike my fancy! There are no giant projects planned right now, leaving me open to whims of fancy. Uh oh! That could be bad… You’ll have to keep reading in 2017 to find out!

Here’s to some past and future memories of beautiful places and warm sun, even though it’s winter. I hope my 2017 is full of blessings and happiness, as is yours.


2 thoughts on “Summary Of 2016: Looking Forward To 2017

  1. Love the beach photo…and all the lovely outfits you completed in 2016. Looking forward to your 2017. I hope to get more sewing done this year, now that my organizing is nearly complete!

  2. Oh my, I forgot how many awesome things you made this year! The Versailles dress is probably my favorite. The event just seemed so dreamy! And that corset was so pretty! And the whole steam process so interesting. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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