1890s Skating Ensemble Photo Shoot

When I first wore my 1895 skating ensemble last January, I ran out of time and braid after trimming the back and sleeves. Sometime last year I ordered more of the braid from Debs Lace and Trims* and in November or December I ordered black wood toggles from eBay (super cheap, 50 for $2–I’ll have toggles for life!).

Showing off the finished trim on the back and sleeves from the first wearing.

I’ve only found this one picture of the front of the inspiration skating jacket. It’s not as close-up as I would like, but it was enough to base a plan on for my own jacket. Using that and other images on my sewing project Pinterest board, I planned out the yardage for each new row of trim. After lots of pinning, stringing toggles, and careful sewing I had used up every single inch of the new batch of braid for a total of 10 yards of braid trim on the jacket. But the result is excellent! I’m just as chuffed with the additional trim as I was with the ensemble when I first made it.


It didn’t snow much here this year (such a change from last year!), but we did have a day of sticky snow right after I finished the trim that was lovely to look at. I convinced Mr. Q to take pictures of me around our neighborhood the next morning while the temperature warmed up and everything began to melt. Luckily we made it out early enough in the day that there was still snow!


Passersby were staring, a lady on a balcony started a conversation with me about my outfit, and Mr. Q was, well, out of his comfort zone. I guess I’m just used to the situation. He was not–and I was amused.


However, despite my penchant for making really odd faces and talking when someone is trying to get a good shot of me, Mr. Q did manage to get a number of very nice pictures of the totally finished ensemble.


As you can see, I’ve edited out the odd faces and so far only included some of the more elegant and put together ones I managed to pull off.


Here are some silly ones. I’m not sure what’s happening this one–it looks like I’m blowing a kiss or making a wish. I might have been talking. It’s cute though!


This was a successful pose! Sometimes I just look totally silly when I pose, but I guess curious-what’s-around-this-tree face is not so bad.


And finally, one in which I wonder again what I’m doing… I think I was going to reach up for the tree branch, but then Mr. Q pointed out that it looked weird… It’s a fun silhouette shot, anyway.


*If you haven’t been before, check out Debs Lace and Trims. You can’t beat her prices and most laces and trims I’ve ordered from her have been excellent, with the exception of a few stiff laces when I was hoping for soft lace. But even then, the prices are so low that I put the lace in my stash and use it for other projects without being worried I wasted my money on a product I wasn’t happy with.

16 thoughts on “1890s Skating Ensemble Photo Shoot

  1. Quinn, I love your energy in these pictures. You look stunning, incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this project.

    Love, Aunt Doris

  2. Aaaaaah! This was amazing when it was first done, and now it is even MORE amazing! I love the photos! I’m always making weird faces in mine too 😛 And Mr D is also much out of his comfort zone if we are even remotely in public!

    You should distribute the toggles out to other historic costumers and challenge them to use them, so you have these random period outfits linked by toggles 😀

  3. That’s just beautiful– I find myself envying your puffed sleeves and feeling like Anne Shirley… (and by the way, I found your blog by searching for Regency themed events in Boston– looks like you had such a fun picnic shoot in the public garden!)

    1. Thank you! I love Anne and her puffed sleeves, too! If you’re interested in Regency events you should check out The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (vintage dancers.org). We have a whole weekend of Regency dancing in April including lots of classes, two balls, and a tea. It’s fabulous and appropriate for all skill levels!

  4. I’m actually planning to attend on Sunday if I can– trying to find someone willing to go with me so I won’t have to wander around alone (I promised my husband I wouldn’t make him go)! Now I just need to whip up something appropriate to wear. In three weeks. (sigh)

    1. How exciting! I hope you find someone to attend with you, but even if you don’t, hopefully it’s reassuring to know that people are quite friendly and change partners often. I’m sure your clothes will come together–if all else fails nice/formal modern clothes will work, too!

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