Returning Heroes Ball 2013

I’ve been slow to post my final group of pictures from this event. Sorry! You’ll remember that I first posted Three Series of Photos of my new green 1864 ball gown, Evie, and her undergarments? Then I posted A Second Series of Photos of friends? It’s finally time for the final installment of posts from the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers’ Returning Heroes Ball back in March.

A ballroom full of hoop skirted ladies and suited gentlemen.
A lovely set of dancers. Don’t we all look nice in our light colored dresses?
Dancing a waltz.
A “German Cotillion” dance game during intermission, in which the two young men vied for the young lady holding the candle, each trying to blow it out first. Whoever blew it out was rewarded with a waltz.
More dancing after intermission.
Caught on camera!
Do The Jellyfish! There are more Jellyfish pictures from Ochre Court last year.
The chandelier is perhaps not the loveliest style, but I like the artsy style of the photo. The coffered ceiling is great!

7 thoughts on “Returning Heroes Ball 2013

  1. The layers of trim came out amazing. The look is stunning.
    I just love that you included some German Cottillion games. There are so many fun ones to try.

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