Evie, A Front View

In all those pictures of Evie and the Returning Heroes Ball that I’ve posted recently, I don’t think there were any good shots of the front of my dress. So for now, a quick post showing the front of the gown with the double rosette to match the skirt and the graduated ruffle showing itself from under the bertha.


4 thoughts on “Evie, A Front View

  1. That’s really beautiful. And I don’t mean just the dress!

    Now to change the subject just a little. In your former post, as you were standing on the stairs, the crinoline pushed the whole skirt back like a bell. And I’ve always wondered something, how does one sit in it? Does it collapse somehow?

    1. Yes, the hoops collapse, with each ring of the hoop sort of nesting inside the ones below it (because the vertical tapes that hold the hoops together are supple and will bend or move as needed). It’s easiest to sit in chairs without arms, and you sort of have to lift the back of your hoops a little so they nest/collapse onto the chair behind you. You’ve got enough fabric in the dress that this doesn’t expose any undergarments.

      You can see what they look like without a dress over them in this post (the same one with the stair pictures): https://quinnmburgess.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/project-journal-1864-ball-gown-part-iv-three-series-of-photos/

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