Evie, A Front View

In all those pictures of Evie and the Returning Heroes Ball that I’ve posted recently, I don’t think there were any good shots of the front of my dress. So for now, a quick post showing the front of the gown with the double rosette to match the skirt and the graduated ruffle showing itself from under the bertha.




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The Quintessential Clothes Pen creates historical clothing and accessories as well as modern garments.
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4 Responses to Evie, A Front View

  1. elf says:

    That’s really beautiful. And I don’t mean just the dress!

    Now to change the subject just a little. In your former post, as you were standing on the stairs, the crinoline pushed the whole skirt back like a bell. And I’ve always wondered something, how does one sit in it? Does it collapse somehow?

  2. Aubry says:

    Such a beautiful dress! I’m really in love with that color.

  3. Veronica K. says:

    Simply beautiful! 🙂 I love the color!


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