1815 Tree Bonnet (HSF #7)

You know how sometimes the best laid plans are waylaid by life? I had every intention of finishing this bonnet before the HSF deadline of yesterday, but along the way got side tracked by life and made conscious choices to do other things with my time instead of bonnet-ing. Oh well, it happens to the best of us!


1815 bonnet (the more interesting side).

I made this bonnet to coordinate with my new Regency Tree Gown (which is why I’m calling it the Tree Bonnet). Lucky for me, it also fulfills the HSF Challenge #7: Accessorize and will coordinate with other items already in my closet (such as my 1819 brown spencer). I’ll be wearing the new gown, the spencer, and the bonnet this weekend for the Regency Dance Intensive, along with a lot of other Regency things, so be prepared for lots of pictures next week!

The facts:

Fabric: Silk twill, changeable silk taffeta for trim, and china silk for lining.

Pattern: Created by me.

Year: 1815.

Notions: Four approximately 8″ pieces of sage green polyester ribbon, a spray of wired millinery flowers, about 1 1/2 yds of navy silk ribbon for ties, about 3/4 yd of navy grosgrain ribbon for inner band, buckram for the base, millinery wire, cotton flannel for mulling, tacky glue, and thread.

How historically accurate?: 95% I’d say. There are a few polyester things, but the overall shape, impression, and majority of materials are accurate.

Hours to complete: 28? Hand finishing and trimming takes a long time, especially on hats, because the angles are weird, so it’s a slow process.

First worn: Not yet, but will be worn this weekend!

Total cost: $6ish for the silk twill bit, the green silk and china silk are remnants from other projects, the polyester bits are old and from the stash, the millinery flowers were from the stash, the buckram was maybe $4, the wire was probably $2… so about $12? I didn’t buy anything special for this bonnet, it’s all from the stash! Yay! Go me!


Close-up of the pleated silk trim and rosette-like decoration. You can also see the pleats on the side band of the bonnet.


The millinery flowers on the front of the bonnet.


The more plain side.


Inside of the brim, looking into the lining and hat band.

This week marks the end of the MpRSW (though I still have one more post to go about that), with the final goal aimed at yesterday, #5: Anything Left! I’d already completed some packing for this goal, and procurement of kite making supplies (yes, there will be a future mention of kites!), but this bonnet also qualifies!

Now let me share some of my inspiration for this bonnet. There are more bonnet images on my 1810s Pinterest page as well.


From 1815. 

Volare digital capture

La Belle Assemblee, Parisian Promenade Hats, July 1816.


Costume Parisien from 1814.


Costume Parisien from 1815.

In trying to determine length of ties for the bonnet, I looked to some fashion plates that included people in them. Here are some of the best examples I found.

Volare digital capture

1813 afternoon promenade dress.

Volare Digital Capture

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, April 1817.

Volare Digital Capture

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, November 1817.

Volare Digital Capture

Walking dress 1815


EKDuncan – My Fanciful Muse: Regency Era Fashions – Ackermann’s Repository 1819

Volare Digital Capture

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, February 1818.


Robe de Marcelline, 1812 Costume Parisien

Well, there we are. I just finished sewing that pleated brim trim tonight, and I am glad to be done! It’s slow and slightly painful on the fingers. But pretty, so totally worth it!


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7 Responses to 1815 Tree Bonnet (HSF #7)

  1. Sabine says:

    Beautifully done! I love the pleats around the crown and I’m fond of the decoration especially on the brim! Lovely choice of colours…hope we get to see you dressed up with the gown and hat soon 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    gorgeous! the colors are so harmonious and the pleating is so neat.

  3. Anna Worden Bauersmith says:

    Love the pleating around the crown and the ribbon folding around the brim. Nicely done.
    I’m trying to decide what shape of Regency bonnet to work up in straw plait (after the 4 current commissions and some progress on the ball clothes.) Is this a shape you would like to see in straw?

  4. Aubry says:

    What a gorgeous bonnet! I love the pleated crown, in particular.

  5. Mouse Borg says:

    That pleated trim is amazing! Regency bonnets are so pretty.

  6. Gina White says:

    Ok!! Your blue bonnet is superb!! Love the colors and that sweet bow and flowers! More inspiration!!!

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