Plum Pants Photo Shoot

When I made my vintage-inspired Plum Pants With Pointed Pockets in 2020, I didn’t have a great opportunity to get photos of them right away. I made do with photos taken in my yard, with my phone balanced on my lawn mower in lieu of a tripod!

Since then, I’ve worn them relatively often in warm months for ‘real’ life and historical events. I thought I would intentionally wear them for the GBVS Newport Weekend in 2022 because of their comfortable nature but also in order to get pictures of them in fabulous places that have far more glamour than my backyard!

The opportunity presented itself on the grounds of Rosecliff. The grand windows and patio with the lion statue were too much not to pass up!

Accordingly, there is a whole serious of photos showing off the wide legs of pants in the bright summer sunlight.

I can’t decide which pose is my favorite! I do like the ones where the points of the pockets are in the sun rather than the shade, such that you can see them. But some of the photos with the points in the shade have such great attitude!

The side of Rosecliff is beautiful as well, in terms of architectural details and gardens. It was also a lovely place to get photos.

And a closer view with the sun highlighting the pocket points.

Thanks for enjoying this summer-y photo shoot with me!


2 thoughts on “Plum Pants Photo Shoot

  1. Stunning photos!!! It is always so satisfying to get upgraded pictures of a past me-made, isn’t it? I love to see posts that show people enjoying what they have made outside of that “first reveal” post. It really makes me feel like I am not the only one who, in real life, is enjoying my handmade wardrobe pieces again and again even though I primarily keep sharing new stuff I have made. The colors of your set are fantastic on you and it looks like you had a great time!

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