1930s Holyhead Harpies Adventure

Some of my friends decided to make 1930s quidditch uniforms for the Holyhead Harpies team (these are all Harry Potter references, in case that sentence makes no sense to you!). I didn’t have the time to join them in that particular endeavor, but I did have a 1933 dress in my closet in the team colors (green and gold) and we decided it would be fun for me to tag along on the quidditch adventure. One could call me team manager, or a fan, or… take your pick!

My role might depend on which photo you’re looking at… I brought along a wand and my time turner and made sure to run the team through their drills!

Our initial photos were fun, but the backgrounds weren’t great, so we decided to do an autumnal outdoor photo shoot, which we combined with regular photos of my dress, too. The non-Holyhead Harpy photos of the dress can be seen here in a previous post.

You can’t really see the detail of the pennant in the last photo (but look at that gorgeous tree!), so below is a closer photo. One of my friends had great fun making the felt pennants!

We had fun taking action shots, too!

Who says quidditch brooms aren’t real?

Quidditch champions!

Sometimes a bit of silly is good for you. Certainly it brings smiles! To read more about the idea to make 1930s quidditch uniforms, check out this post about it on Plaid Petticoats.

6 thoughts on “1930s Holyhead Harpies Adventure

  1. I love this!! A group of friends and I are organizing an 1805 Hogwarts reunion. Art Deco Era is another favorite of mine. So, I adore what you have completed. Cheers

  2. Dear Quinn,
    What superb fun! Did you go out for Butterbeer afterwards? Certainly everyone needed it after the game, especially being airborne and all. Hope you didn’t have to ref too many fouls 🙂

    Very beat,

    Natalie in damp KY

    1. Oh dear! Damp! It’s been oddly warm here (65 in November???).

      We didn’t make it out for butterbeer on this occasion, unfortunately. Personally, I prefer pumpkin juice. There’s something so round about saying the words… and I find that it tastes better. 🙂

      Thanks for enjoying the adventure with us!

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