Picturesque Regency Moments

During this year’s Regency Dance Weekend, we captured some of my all time absolute favorite shots of my Tree Gown. I saved them for this post rather than including them in the overview of the weekend.

These first few were taken at our hotel. While the blue walls don’t scream Regency to me, they do coordinate nicely with my dress and make for a stunning background. The idea behind these is along Lizzy Bennet lines–lounging in a windowsill while comfortably contemplating life. This gown has the most beautiful drape to the skirt! It’s soft and full without being too fluffy.




The next batch was taken at tea. One of my friends had brought the book and it is perfect for us, since we know a dance called Sir Roger de Coverley that was danced during this period. I had to pose with it!



Then we went on our promenade, where we got some excellent photos of the gown with accessories: shawl, spencer, and bonnet. I like how the tree mimics the flowers on my bonnet.


Mixing up my Jane Austen stories, these pictures by the water remind me so much of Persuasion and the unfortunate visit to Lyme. I just love everything about this outfit! The fabrics, the details in the trimmings… it all coordinates so well without being perfectly matching!





14 responses to “Picturesque Regency Moments

  1. Just a little note to let you know how much I totally enjoy your blog – it’s a wonderful resource for inspiration, fashion, creativity. Thanks!!

  2. What a wonderful share of photos…I love the third one and those taken by the water. You’re absolutely right, your choice of garments comes together so naturally and looks perfectly matched. A very vivid impression!

  3. These photos are absolutely lovely! You appear to be stepping out of a Jane Austen novel in every picture. And your spencer and bonnet go so well with the dress!

  4. I love these so immensely!! What date is your dress from? What pattern did you use for the sleeves? You help bring the Regency era to life so delightfully!

  5. Ohh I love them all!!! Amazingly beautiful shots. Thank you so much for sharing them, Quinn!

  6. Oh, very nice! I especially love how the breeze caught your fabric!

  7. Wonderful shots! Very picturesque indeed. I especially love the windowsill ones.

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