A Bit Of Round Reticule Inspiration

I thought I’d share a couple of extant round reticules that bear some similarity to the one I recently made and posted about here. These both have a gathered or pleated outer circle surrounding a decorated inner circle. The bottom one uses the same cord as the ties are made of to circle the inner circle. Both reticules have an opening that is gathered to close, though the bottom one’s gathering direction is more unusual and unexpected. I like both, and think they are fun! Do you have a  favorite between these?

A cotton reticule that the Met dates to the 1st quarter of the 19th century.
A silk reticule that the MFA dates to the early 19th century.


3 thoughts on “A Bit Of Round Reticule Inspiration

  1. Ok, those are fabulous…I think I need to make one….
    Thank you Quinn for adding yet another thing to my to do list…hahahahaha!!!

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