New Ca. 1860 Corset On Me

As promised, here are some nice pictures of my new ca. 1860 corset on me. Thanks to my very willing and kind photographer!


Front view. The corset is worn over my ca. 1860 chemise.


Side back view.


About quinnmburgess

Quinn M. Burgess creates reproduction and costume historic clothing. Her inspiration has a strong foundation in history: historic dress, social history, and material history. With the addition of clothing construction knowledge, her passions converge in an imaginative world of creative history that she loves to share with others.
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5 Responses to New Ca. 1860 Corset On Me

  1. Adiel Harris says:

    Very cool! Looks nice and comfy. 🙂

  2. Gina White says:

    Oh Quinn! Your corset is so very lovely on you and the pictures are beautiful!! Very well done! Love the hair flowers and your necklace too!


  3. Doris Mcwen Harris says:


    Love you,
    Aunt Doris

  4. Raven says:

    Any time! Glad you liked how these came out–we need to figure out how to get a setup with a curtain like this to take some portraits 🙂

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