1950s Adventures Part III: On A Roll

After eating brunch at a 1950s themed dinerstopping along the side of the road to take lovely autumn color pictures, and spending some time at a thrift store before the roller rink opened, we finally headed out to go roller skating! I had been jokingly warned that we were likely to be at the roller rink with a whole lot of 8 year olds and the warning was pretty accurate. There were a few adult couples on dates and a few by themselves, but mostly there were a ton of 5-13 year olds and their adult chaperones. It was a Saturday afternoon, after all, so it was to be expected that there would be a lot of birthday parties… It didn’t bother us, though, we’re used to being unique. And lots of the girls called out that they liked our dresses as we skated by. Perhaps one day they’ll be inspired to make or wear historic clothing!

Some of us had been more used to roller blading, but in the spirit of trying to be 1950s-ish, we all rented roller skates. Granted, the roller rink and the skates are obviously modern and not 50s, as you’ll see, but we had so much fun it didn’t matter at all!

Putting on skates under a black light.
Things started off a little shaky for some of us.
But we were there to support each other.
In fact, I almost fell over before I even made it onto the rink… But I managed to keep my balance, and here I am, successfully skating!
Our confidence rose pretty quickly, and soon we were all making it around the rink.
We were even managing to be graceful sometimes.
And possibly even in sync…
I did still lose my balance sometimes and make crazy faces…
But they were balanced out by the successful moments.
Look, here’s another successful moment!
On a roll!
This picture amuses me, because we might be dancing, or we might just be loosing our balance…
Group shot (with fun lights!).
Another group shot…
You might remember our “raise the roof Charleston”… We just like to throw in raising the roof any chance we get, and this was a perfect opportunity.
It almost looks intentional that we’re all in a line!
Full circle. Returning my skates under the black light.

Fun, right? We really enjoyed ourselves and no one actually fell! But the day wasn’t over… we still had a Regency ball to run/attend that night. I’ve got pictures of that coming soon. It sure is a transformation from 1950s!

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