Refreshing Proof (Chelmsford Regency Ball 2013)

What a day! It started with 1950s adventures: brunch at a 1950s diner, photos in the great outdoors, and roller skating. I was exhausted by the time I had changed into my red Regency ball gown and wrangled my super hair sprayed hair into a Regency style. But I did get photographic proof that I made good use of my new Refreshing Apron and that I was able to wear my new red and gold tiara.

Refreshing in a tiara and apron.
While preparing the refreshments someone realized we didn’t have a knife to cut the pound cake. That didn’t stop us for long, though, because it’s entirely normal for the men in our group to have swords in the car. All that was required was a quick walk out to the car to get one, and just like that we were back in business!
One of the pretty cards labeling the refreshments.

The ball was a huge success. I think there were about 70 attendees, which quite filled up the room we were in. There was live music played on a piano, cello, and violin. People seemed to really enjoy themselves.

A view of the crowded room.
Dancing a country dance.
I was so busy dealing with refreshments I didn’t get to dance much, which was a little sad, but this was one of the dances I was able to dance.
Couples dancing a Regency waltz.
More waltzing.
People were very well dressed and it’s always fun to look at the clothing people who are new to one’s acquaintance.
One of our friends made a new dress for herself as well as a friend who was visiting and attending the ball. So kind!
And there were a surprising number of new faces. This group of young men requested a picture with us, and we obliged.
I’ll leave you with this further, slightly artsy, proof of my new tiara being worn.

2 thoughts on “Refreshing Proof (Chelmsford Regency Ball 2013)

  1. Dear Quinn!

    You and your lovely photos have totally wanted me to make my Regency dress and start a Regency Dancing Society!! Swoon and sigh! Your photos are so beautiful with all of the beautiful ladies and dashing gentlemen! I love love love your stunning red dress! My goodness, I am going to have to go and see if there is a seperate blog entry just for that! And Yeah!! Your splendid tiara was worn! Thank you for posting “proof” of your fantastic evening!



    1. Ooo yay! I’m so glad that I inspired you in so many ways! I hope you are able to get other people to join you in your Regency adventures. Too bad you live so far from us here in New England.

      Thanks for appreciating all the pictures! It’s exciting when I hear that others get to live vicariously through them. 🙂

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