Project Journal: 1780s Ensemble Part VI: Open Gown and Petticoat

1780s ensemble: petticoat and open gown

I constructed this 1780s ensemble to wear to various 18th century events. If you remember, I decided in the beginning of September to construct a robe a la anglaise and accompanying undergarments. Most of my commentary can be confined to captions (which also allows me to include more photos, so that is exciting!). Enjoy!

I attended the Sudbury Colonial Faire with friends: Carly and Katy
We found a nice woodsy background to take pictures of our outfits
And it’s imperative that you look at the camera sometimes!
We took in the sights (mostly that meant watching the fife and drum units)
The vendors were also dressed in period clothing, but most of the spectators were not: we were asked many times to have our photo taken with random people (and then even more random people snuck in to take cell phone pictures that they didn’t ask permission to take!)
Ooo, this is a good one because you can see the pleated trim on my bodice
(warning: inside joke coming) Jenny, you will appreciate my pumpkin picture! Happy fall and happy birthday!
We found this really adorable garden that was so inspirational for more pictures!
The garden has a bench that is perfect for a quick break and a few photos
We traded cameras so that we would get pictures of ourselves on our own cameras! Genius!
Then we saw this lovely section of the garden and had to take more pictures
There was this great dried branch on the ground that was a perfect picture prop!
I made friends with the bust on the brick wall and he was accessorized with the dried leaves
I really enjoy shadow pictures, but this is especially great because you can see my silhouette!
We were lured out of the garden by a glimpse of this fabulous pond!
And upon closer inspection, the pond had a picture perfect bench just waiting for us!
So of course we all had to take turns being picturesque on the bench
It was a lovely setting!
We finished up the evening by joining more friends at a ball

One thought on “Project Journal: 1780s Ensemble Part VI: Open Gown and Petticoat

  1. Would you accept a commission for an open gown like this? For economical reasons I do not need a petticoat, stays and chemise… I love this open gown, but I am not skilled enough yet to make my own!

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