Salem Light Infantry Levee and Ball 2011

The Salem Light Infantry Levee and Ball was an event hosted by The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers and Salem Light Infantry in October 2011.

In 1861 the members of the Salem Light Infantry
held a ball on their return from service in the Civil War.
For a brief moment,
before joining other units and returning to battle,
they celebrated friends and fellowship.

This event was held in Hamilton Hall in Salem, Massachusetts, in the hall where the original event was held 150 years ago.

You can click here to see the event announcement. If you are interested in learning more about the Salem Zouaves you can view their website by clicking here. You can also read one of my older blog posts to learn about Civil War Zouaves in general: A waltzing Zouave?.

First, let me share with you a video of the Salem Zouaves performing a military drill during the course of the evening.

Second, let me share with you some photos of the evening. It was quite lovely!

Waltzing back in time on a fine October evening
Dancers at the ball
Taking a rest from dancing
I met another young lady who also took a break from dancing
Salem Light Infantry Zouaves
Watching the Zouaves

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