1904 Anne Ensemble Photo Shoot

Last fall, I had the opportunity to take part in a presentation focused on the clothing of middle and upper class African Americans in Providence, RI around the turn of the 20th century (you can see photos of and information about this event here). In order to generate some promotional materials that incorporated both of the presenters (as opposed to having separate photos of each of us), my co-presenter, Lady Estelle Barada, suggested that we schedule a photo shoot together and so we spent a beautiful, sunny summer morning traipsing around a state park, accompanied by photographer David Cruz.

The outfit I chose to wear, my 1904 Anne of Green Gables Ensemble, has been a difficult outfit to photograph in the past, especially the blouse with its white-on-white lace trim and the subtle changes in the direction of the stripes. Given that challenge, I was extra excited when I saw the results of David’s work. He clearly captured the small details of our clothing, including the blouse details!

There are many wonderful photos from our shoot and I enjoy the captivating liveliness that each photo shares–you can just image that movement will continue as soon as you blink or look away.

On the outfit front, I love how comfortable my ‘Anne Ensemble’ is. I had no difficulty tromping through tall grass, climbing over rock walls, sitting on a picnic blanket, and more!

I was also pleased with how my hair turned out. I was able to achieve Edwardian volume around the face while maintaining a side part that gave me two separate poufs on the top/side of my face.

I’m very grateful that David graciously gave permission for me to share these photos with you. As always, please do not share these photos without appropriate photographer credit and a link back to this source.

Photography: David Cruz

12 thoughts on “1904 Anne Ensemble Photo Shoot

    1. Dear Quinn,

      I can tell that the photoshoot was a happy day. The sunshine is warm-colored and dappled with all the leaves, and it plays so well off the yummy hazy green of your skirt and the softness of the shirtwaist. Yes, and it’s a playable, tromp-around-and-laze-around outfit, too. Nothing like a ramble and picnic on a day like that.

      Can you you tell us more about the event at some point?



  1. So nice to be able to really see the details of your blouse! And I enjoyed the photos from the RI event. I recognize Estelle Barada’s name from Tasha Tudor’s Take Peace Facebook group.

  2. I like the bias trim on the skirt, and the color. have a similar blouse and a black and white striped skirt for the early 1900s which I wear to Theodore Roosevelt re-enactments. Your hair is beautiful! Since mine is short, I wear a large brimmed hat which hides the fact I can’t make a pompadour. Thanks for sharing another nice ensemble.

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