Vernet Project: A Bit More Toque de Velours

In January, when I posted about my Vernet Project hat (the Toque de Velours), I missed including a few in-progress construction pictures I later discovered floating around my photo library. Now is as good a time as any to share them.

To remind you, this is my toque de velours.


Here is the toque in the mockup stage, early in the process. I was trying to determine scale and proportions more than anything. For ease, I combined the bottom two vertical sections into one piece of paper for the mockup.


Here is the actual toque in progress. You can see the floral cotton flannel mulling layer that is between the buckram base the the velvet exterior. You can also see that I used my mockup poof to flat line my velvet poof in order to help the light silk velvet hold its shape. This picture also shows the double, or stacked, pleating around the poof.

IMG_2924 (1)

This is the beginning of a renewed effort to post details about all the pieces of my Vernet Ensemble, so keep an eye out for posts about the petticoat, muff, shoes, and the witzchoura itself this fall.

4 thoughts on “Vernet Project: A Bit More Toque de Velours

  1. Dear Quinn,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to document your ensemble. As wacky as many of these outfits were, collectively they are built of a very large cache of history and practical knowledge.

    The toque information you share here, for example, is really helpful!

    Very best,


    1. Oh thank you, Natalie! I wasn’t sure if it was worth posting these few bits after the first hat post, but I’m glad they were appreciated. That makes it worthwhile. 🙂 It’s fun to bring back the memories of all the fun outfits and the craziness of my own!

  2. I get that way with all of my photo and posts too. They get lost and I forget, mainly because details of life pull me away so I forget. All of these details are so interesting since the project had such unusual styles! =)

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