Summer Dots

In June, I went to a picnic in the Boston Public Garden. As it was an open era event, I decided to wear my 1953 dot dress because it is easy and cool to wear in the summer heat.


I took a long time styling my hair to look like this image from 1954. It’s quite a feat to tame the frizz and there was a moment of woe and frustration, but I didn’t have time to start again, so I continued on and was happy with the end result despite the angst in the middle of the process. Looking effortless is so much work!

Charm Magazine, 1954

Picnicking! I plopped down to eat and then didn’t move much until picture time.


I love how the pictures turned out! I purchased a new parasol to use this summer for 1920s events, but it matched this dress very nicely so I brought it along to the picnic. Raspberry is one of my favorite colors.


There was a crowd of people watching the picnic most of the day, but we managed to get a lot of pictures without them. Yay! I don’t mind being gawked at (I’m rather used to it actually) but I do usually like images that don’t have modern dressed people in the background better.


The palms remind me of Florida, and this picture’s story in my head is that I’m on vacation there in the 1950s.


I may look composed in these pictures, but when I run out of pre-thought pose ideas chaos ensures. I often start waving my arms around wildly, talking (producing odd faces when captured as a picture), and flinging my legs around. Here’s an example. There are a a range of caption ideas that pop into my head here: ‘hi-ya!’ and ‘at the bat’ most often.


I hope you’re enjoying your summer, too! It’s so nice that the days are long and there are lovely days for sitting in the park or other outdoor activities!

10 thoughts on “Summer Dots

  1. Charming, as always. I love that you always pay attention to details like hair. It’s very disappointing to me to take the trouble to make a period garment for an event and work on accessories and hair only to find others have made little effort to approximate hair or accessories. That’s part of “the look”. Well done, Quinn.

  2. Oh! You are so darling!! I just really love everything about this. Raspberry is a lovely color for you, and I adore that parasol! I must admit that the first thing that drew me to the post (and admittedly has kept me obsessed for the last couple days) is your hair. Love that style so much that even though I hate playing with hair, it even induced me to style mine in a poodle today! I’m sold, thanks to you! 😀 If I can master this style, I’m thinking it’ll make a debut on my blog later this summer. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

    1. Thanks Lily!!! I’m so excited that you were inspired enough to try styling your hair differently! I am always impressed with your hairstyles. I look forward to seeing your new style–I’m confident you will master it before long!

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