Vernet Project: Photo Shoot!

I thought I’d start the new year off with photos from my Vernet Ensemble photo shoot. (I’ll be doing separate posts with details about the construction of the ensemble as the year progresses.) I’m so incredibly pleased with my ensemble and with the quality of the pictures. I often have lovely pictures after events and when documenting sewing projects, but these are extra special in terms of the sharpness of the images, the clear colors, and the fun use of a historical lens.

Hopefully, you were following along with the release of finished ensembles in December, but in case you missed mine or haven’t figured out yet which fashion plate I was recreating, here it is.

Plate No. 20 “Toque de Velours. Witz-choura de Satin.”

164-0000-021 - Version 2

Below is the “official release” picture. I did my best to mimic the pose of the fashion plate, but it was really hard to wrap my brain around the left and right of things in my own pose relative to the fashion plate. Left was right and right was left, and in the end we did the best we could and called it done. I think we actually did it right, it’s just that I’m facing the camera at a different angle. It still boggles my brain to try and figure it out!

IMG_1915 blog

Unfortunately, there was no snow in November when we took these pictures and so I didn’t get ice skaters falling over behind me (also, I would have had to find ice skaters)… but I did get unfrozen water, and you’ll just have to imagine the ice and the skaters!










These last few pictures with the blurred background were taken using a reproduction 19th century Petzval lens. You can read more about the lens and how it causes this effect here, at my photographer’s blog. 




I am so incredibly blessed that to have a friend that joyfully enjoys practicing her photography skills with her nice digital camera (with fancy and historical lenses, to boot!) by taking pictures of my endeavors, amongst other things. She happily came over one afternoon in November just to accompany me for the photo shoot and take these absolutely gorgeous pictures. Thank you!!!

20 thoughts on “Vernet Project: Photo Shoot!

  1. It’s so perfect, tops to toes! I love everything about your ensemble and the witzchoura most. It’s great to see it jump out of a plate and come to life.
    Love, Nessa 🙂

    1. I’m rather amazed myself at how wonderfully the folds in the silk and the fur mimic the fashion plate! I think it proves I was on the right track with my pattern to create them.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love how you have recreated every detail of the fashion plate so perfectly and your pictures are stunning. I especially like the effect of the fur. It was such a big part of historical costumes but doesn’t really seem to get re-created much, perhaps because of modern attitudes to fur and the in-authenticity of alternative fabrics. It makes such a rich and sumptuous impression though which your costume really demonstrates. I would love to see more close ups of the shoes and learn more about how you made them. They jumped out at me from the plate as soon as I scrolled down and I was so pleased to see that you had recreated them too 🙂

    1. Thank you! I was so pleased to find a faux fur that matched the fashion plate so well. I agree that having so much of it really adds to the sumptuous effect.

      The shoes are essential in the plate, so I couldn’t leave them out! There’s a post coming that will be focused just on the shoes with lots of details included. 🙂

  3. I am still astounded by your incredible FLUFFINESS 🙂 And I was happy to take pictures! It worked out well that it was so warm…at least for me–you were wearing fur!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love everything about this outfit!! The fur, the feather, that MUFF!! Lovely photos. Really looking forward to reading more about this outfit and how it was put together. I still need to finish my first regency era dress….

  5. Dear Quinn,
    It’s hard to have a favorite among the beauties among this project, but oh, gracious, this is an ensemble to dream about. You clearly felt marvelous that day, and your friend did a wonderful job so that the surroundings enhance the effects of the outfit.

    Tell us, is it all heavy to wear? At what would you estimate the weight? Is it easy to walk and move and how might you compare it to a heavy wool winter coat, for example? Curious minds want to know what movement is like in such an enveloping set of objects.

    Very best indeed,

    Natalie in KY

    1. Thank you, Natalie! Those are excellent questions! The short answer is, yes, it is heavy, but doesn’t feel heavy once it is on. It’s perfectly easy to move in on the bottom half, but restricting on the top. I think I’ll have to go into more detail when I post about the construction of the witzchoura! Thank you for your questions!

  6. Had to pop back here after reading the post about making your “silly shoes” and noticed I never commented here – shame on me! This ensemble is just so much beyond fabulous I can’t even! It’s perfect, just absolutely perfect, both in its own right and for how close it is to the fashion plate! I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with this, with your execution and attention to detail. Amazing work!!

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