Belated Fezziwig’s Ball 2014

Last December, I had the opportunity to wear my green 1824 dress again at an annual holiday ball. It took a lot of time to sew all the trim on the dress (there are construction posts about this dress here) and I don’t get many opportunities to wear 1820s clothes, so it’s quite lovely to have a general “early 19th century” ball to wear this dress to.

This year we had new garland decorations and were able to get some adorable pictures! I was quite pleased with my silly figure eight braid hair style and my other accessories (the green earrings added a nice matching pop of color, the hair wreath worked well as it has in the past, and I like the white shoes with this dress). I’m behind sharing the photos, but pleased that they’re finally making it into a post.






Don’t you want to jump out of your chair and join in the dancing?


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The Quintessential Clothes Pen creates historical clothing and accessories as well as modern garments.
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5 Responses to Belated Fezziwig’s Ball 2014

  1. Helen Fratena says:

    As always, gorgeous! And thanks for sharing. Your pictures are a treat.

  2. lenelein says:

    You looked gorgeous! I love the detail in the appliques and would love to see the dress in person…

  3. Isabella says:

    Such a lovely dress!

  4. Laurie says:

    Such a lovely gown!

  5. 🙂 Thank you, ladies!

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