Summary of 2014: Looking Forward To 2015

Ahh! It’s halfway through January and I feel rather behind on posting my 2014 summary. It seems like everyone else is so much more on the ball with that than I am this year. Well, without further ado…

Completed projects in 2014:

January: The Make Do Shift (HSF #1)
February: A Pink Regency Belt Style Sash (HSF #3)
March: ca. 1860 Corset For Me! (HSF #4)
March: New Annabelle hair wreath
April: 1811 Elusive Blue Regency Dress (well, mostly finished)
April: Red/Gold Regency Reticule (HSF #5)
Robe with slip (1)
May/June: Anne Adams Dress
Robe with slip
May/June: Round Regency Reticule
July: Georgina Evening Bodice and Hair Crescent (HSF #13)
IMG_1075 (1 of 1)
July: Orange Parasol
IMG_9688 (1 of 1)
July: 1850s Collar
IMG_0122 (1 of 1)
August: 1920s Sinamay Hat (HSF #15)
November: 1917 Cranberry Red Scarf (HSF #23)
November: Our Apartment Redecoration Project
December: 1950 Baroness Dress

Looking forward to 2015, I’m planning the following for certain:

  • 1890s skating ensemble
  • New Regency hair decoration/turban/thingy
  • A secret Vernet ensemble

Other projects might include:

  • A modern dress made of black patterned rayon
  • An 1850s plaid ball gown
  • A 1910s “tango” corset
  • A new 1910s evening gown
  • An 1880s corset
  • Modern capris
  • Modern tops
  • Finishing a modern cotton dress I started last year
  • Finishing a 1910s evening dress I started last year
  • Finishing an 1880s day dress I started in 2013
  • A 1900s evening gown
  • An 1830s evening gown
  • Knitted red gloves
  • A robe de style
  • A late 1910s day dress
  • Finishing an 1814 pelisse and day dress I started at some point

Of course, I have lots of other ideas in mind, too! A lot of it depends on how busy I am, how much time I have to sew, and what events pop up.

As usual, I completed some things on my looking forward to 2014 list and some things just totally fell by the wayside. In particular, while I started panniers for the court gown project, I didn’t finish them, nor did I start any other part of that ensemble. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t work on this project very much. I’m pondering whether to leave it on my list of things to do or to reallocate the fabrics for some other project. I was so excited to participate, but I have so many other things to make that I can actually wear to events… and I wasn’t boosted along in my enthusiasm by the general blogging world because it seems lots of other excited people were busy last year also. Alas, life takes up so much time!

I did exceed 100 followers and 200,000 views on the blog this year. And I announced my engagement (and to be fair, planning a wedding is definitely something that is keeping me busy in my spare time!). I was also awarded the Liebster Blog Award for the second time. This time by Susan, of the blog Threading Through Time.

I participated in the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014, but only completed 7 challenges out of 24. I think I was mostly busy with life or busy with other projects that didn’t line up with the HSF for most of the year. I will likely participate in the HSF 2015 this year, though as in the past two years I won’t go super out of my way to make projects just to satisfy challenges if they’re not also being made for another purpose.

And in terms of events… 22 for 2014: 9 balls, 8 other events (teas, picnics, outings etc.), and 5 performances.

We spent the beginning of this month vacationing in the Caribbean. As we continue to sail along on our life adventure, I hope to create many more fond memories and retain the relaxation from our Caribbean escape. I hope your year is full of the same!

4 thoughts on “Summary of 2014: Looking Forward To 2015

  1. I’m also hoping to make capris pants this year but haven’t found a pattern I like though.

    I thought I’ve read all your posts but somehow I missed the engagement announcement! Congratulations!


    1. Thank you! 🙂 I haven’t tried them yet, but the pattern I plan to use for my capris is Sewaholic’s Thurlow pants pattern, shortened to be capri length. She makes patterns for pear shaped people, a category that I definitely fall into!

  2. Whoo hoo! You were quite the busy bee in 2014! My favorite of your items was the Regency Reticule…but everything was fabulous! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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