Our Apartment Redecoration Project Part III: Bathroom

The last bit of our Apartment Redecoration Project that I want to share is the bathroom (we did the bedroom, too, but it’s hard to get pictures that show the changes, so you’ll just have to believe that it has improved).


As you can see, a lot of the bathroom is finished with pink tile (and a matching tub, who thought that was a good idea?) and unfortunately that was something we couldn’t change. But Mr. Q had the idea to put in a floating floor of tile-look laminate over the old pink tile floor with the grungy grout that you can see below. It’s semi-permanent–something we can remove when we move out if necessary.

Laying the grey/brown floating floor over the pink tile.

In addition to that project, which involved a lot of sawing of pieces and patterning around the toilet, we also: re-caulked the join between the tub and shower tiles, put up a new shower curtain rod and shower curtain hangers, hung a floating shelf over the toilet, replaced the light fixture, replaced the medicine cabinet, replaced the outlet cover, painted the walls, and tried to replace the fan in the ceiling (that idea was foiled by the way it was installed–the fan base was bigger than the fan blade area, we think it was installed before the ceiling was put in). Oh, and I reorganized everything under the sink and added storage solutions to make better use of the space.

Wall in progress: clearly there is no light fixture, medicine cabinet, or outlet cover, and we were preparing to paint, all by the light of a work lamp.

There was a day or two when the power was cut off to that room so Mr. Q could deal with the electrical stuff and we were showering and working on the bathroom by the light of a hanging work light… a bit of an inconvenience but not the end of the world.


In the end, all the work paid off and the bathroom looks a lot nicer and less pink. And all in all, our apartment looks more put together and designed than it did before. I’m also pleased that the furniture we jettisoned from the living room and bedroom found it’s way to a new home within ten minutes of being put in the lobby with a “free” sign! We’ve had our days of taking advantage of free things in the lobby and I’m glad someone else will be able to make use of the things we no longer need rather than just throwing serviceable and nicely cared for things in the trash. We received, we give… I appreciate the circle of sharing!

6 thoughts on “Our Apartment Redecoration Project Part III: Bathroom

  1. Ah, looks very nice. Good solutions to a very pink problem. I see you used a solution I used when faced with a very pink bathroom and accented it with burgundy. Takes a little of the pinkness away.

    I’m still waiting to see some blogs on wedding plans, colors, designs. All of it.!

    1. I will probably do a round up post after the wedding with pictures, but it takes so much energy to plan the wedding I don’t expect to also devote time to blogging about it ahead of time. 😉 We’ll see, but you might have to hang on to your anticipation until later this year.

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