Regency Intensive Dance Weekend 2014 Wrap Up

As promised last post, here are a few pictures from the two balls at April’s Regency Intensive Dance Weekend. Hopefully, you remember my descriptions of this weekend as being full of amazing learning opportunities and lovely memories with amiable people. Indeed, both balls left me with a feeling, expressed by Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, of being at a very pleasant house party or private ball, though indeed these events are open to the public.

Dancers displaying their waltz at Saturday’s informal ball.

“It is your turn to say something now, Mr. Darcy. — I talked about the dance, and you ought to make some kind of remark on the size of the room, or the number of couples.”

He smiled, and assured her that whatever she wished him to say should be said.

“Very well. — That reply will do for the present. — Perhaps by and by I may observe that private balls are much pleasanter than public ones. — But now we may be silent.”

From Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, in Chapter Eighteen.

Looking into Sunday evening’s formal reception, which included a balcony for the musicians (see them in the mirror?).
The formal ball included lavish and delicious refreshments.
Taking a break from dancing to munch on some super yummy syllabub.

Indeed, we were dancing so often at the formal ball that we really didn’t get many pictures of the dancing in action, so you’ll just have to believe me when I express the elegance of the dancing and the ballroom scene.

You can read more about Sunday afternoon’s imaginary visit to Mansfield Park in this post and more about the new ball gown that I made for the Sunday evening ball in this post. You can read more about the entire weekend here, at Plaid Petticoats blog post about the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Regency Intensive Dance Weekend 2014 Wrap Up

  1. Gasp and away!! WHERE did you get your hair piece!! It is faaaaabulous!!! Everything and everyone looks so lovely! And the food looks delicious! What fun things you do! I am jealous!

    1. It’s actually a necklace from ebay. Super cheap. 🙂
      I enjoy it as a necklace, so I didn’t take the chain off of it. It’s a little narrow to be a tiara, unfortunately, and because of the way it’s hinged I don’t think it would be possible to piece two together to make it wider. I might try it as more of a comb instead of tiara some day.

      🙂 I’m glad you’re able to join in the fun via computer, even though you aren’t able to be with us in person.

      1. Seriously. You are a crazy genius!!! You are my hero!! I think I’ll have to get one of those necklaces for myself!! Thank you for sharing your source!!
        One day I may have to attend one of your soirees!! What fun!!!

  2. It is so nice to have a place to wear our gowns and enjoy them. Where are you in the world, Quinn? Just curious. Such a lovely venue for your event. The food looks amazing as well. Cheers

    1. Yes, I agree! Having a reason to make and wear things and other people to enjoy them with us is such a blessing. I live near Boston, MA, and my historic costume adventures generally take place around New England. 🙂

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