George’s Island Vintage Dance Performance

You’ll remember that I introduced you to Georgina in my last post? Georgina’s first outing was for at a mid-19th century vintage dancer performance on George’s Island in the Boston Harbor. It was a super toasty day and we were dancing mostly on asphalt or an uneven wood dock, but we all survived and looked lovely and dashing.

Members of the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers who performed on George’s Island. Look at all those awesome dress fabrics! Sheers and historic cotton prints galore!
We were dancing right in front of the visitor center where visitors were being dropped off by the harbor ferries.
Due to the heat and dance surface (a kind way to say “asphalt”) we did a lot of walking dances.
Part way through the afternoon a strong breeze picked up. It didn’t alleviate the heat much, but it was nice, and certainly swung our hoops and skirts around a lot!
Dancing in the sun and wind.
Dancing on the dock.
More dock dancing.

After the performance we had some time to explore the island, most of which is occupied by Fort Warren. We had lots of fun and took lots of pictures. So next post, look forward to Georgina’s Island Explorations!

5 thoughts on “George’s Island Vintage Dance Performance

  1. That looks like a WONDERfUL time, Quinn! You are so blessed to be able to do historical dance all the time – the Regency dance group I’d like to join is a whole two hours drive away from me, so I can’t go as often as I’d like. 😦 Anyhow, thank you for sharing these pictures!

    1. Oh boo, that is rather a long drive for frequent participation, indeed! Sometime in my life I’d really love to invent a teleporter… that would certainly help with the drive to Regency dancing, too! 🙂

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