Regency Dance Weekend Part VI: Grand Ball

The time for dancing has arrived! You’ll remember that I recently shared pictures of the reception on the Sunday evening of the Regency Dance Weekend as well as the sharing of the train at that same reception? I’ve been promising to share ball pictures and finally, the time has come. Without further ado…

The Grand March. We had a good quantity of people this ball and because of our practice during the daytime classes all of the figures looked really good!

The Grand March was followed by a good number of country dances and figured waltzes. It was an amazing experience to have a room full of people who had already learned the dances and were able to dance them without instruction. We were able to complete dance after dance after dance and it wasn’t long before it was time for some refreshment.

Punch had been nicely laid out in the refreshment room earlier in the evening.
There were cookies, and fruit, and syllabub (sweet cream) with pound cake, just to name a few delicious treats.
The refreshment room also had small tables set up to encourage chatting while eating.

Unlike some of balls during which we have refreshment breaks, at this ball a person could break for refreshments at any point in the evening. It was a nice change, and especially since we did so much dancing and less standing and listening, it was particularly useful to refresh oneself throughout the evening.

Of course, there was the opportunity to chat with friends and family throughout the evening in addition to time spent in the refreshment room.
Setting up for a country dance. Or perhaps this was Sir Roger De Coverley?
Yes, I believe that was Sir Roger. This was later in the evening after sillyness had set in… We were changing partners and gentlemen/lady positions just to keep things interesting.

Goodness! By the end of the evening my legs were feeling all the dancing of the weekend. The characteristic Regency upbeat rise was getting harder and harder to achieve… But what an event! What a weekend! It was so full of fun, and getting to know new people, and learning dancing… Really, an exquisite experience.

3 thoughts on “Regency Dance Weekend Part VI: Grand Ball

  1. What a lovely ball! I love to see your dress in ‘movement’. And thanks for sharing some pictures of the dessert…oh, Syllabub…did you had a trifle, too?

    1. 🙂 The syllabub was delicious! We did not have a trifle, though that would have been an excellent addition. Do you know of any Regency period-ish trifle recipes? Perhaps it’s something we could have in the future.

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