Lovely Clothes, Lovely Ball: Part II (Pride and Prejudice Ball 2013)

Last post, I shared pictures of my new 1813 evening dress and other related pretty clothes. This time we’re on to photos during the ball!

Dancing a waltz, Regency style.
I believe this is a gallop.
A hall full of eager dancers makes for a joyful ball.
Just coming in from outdoors, it was nice to greet new people and see old friends.
You chat.
And then you smile for the camera.
Part way through the evening the doors were flung open and a table full of yummy refreshments was brought it.
The members of CVD about to perform a country dance called The Cottage Bonnet.
Mid-dance, light feet flying!
And we end.
After the ball, it’s nice to take a break and rest your weary feet.
Often, we have more ladies than gentlemen.
Jazz hands! (This is one of my favorite!)
Finally, we convinced some more members of CVD to come join us for a bigger group picture.
Now for the sad end to the evening. As I was walking through a partially open door my dress caught and ripped! It’s on the back in the gathers, but it’s a good 4″ rip. Now I have to fix it before April, when I’ll be wearing this dress again. I’ve got multiple methods in mind, but it’s still not a fun or exciting thing to have to complete. I’d rather be making other new clothes…

Anyway, all things considered it was a lovely evening with lovely people. It was particularly nice to see old friends, but also nice to see usual ball friends. And I thought we all looked pretty smashing, which really does add to the atmosphere. I just wish I hadn’t ripped my dress…

6 thoughts on “Lovely Clothes, Lovely Ball: Part II (Pride and Prejudice Ball 2013)

  1. I’m so sorry about your lovely dress. How sad. I guess we can assume such things happened in period. I will be anxious to know which mending method you choose to repair it.

  2. Oh, how marvelous!! It looks like you had an absolutely thrilling evening of dancing! I love the huge, elegant room and the authentic costumes. What fun you must have had! Thank you for showing us these lovely photographs!

  3. The evening looks like it was lovely. Glad to hear the ball was able to be rescheduled. I’m sure you’ll be able to make that tear disappear.

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