Lovely Clothes, Lovely Ball: Part I (Pride and Prejudice Ball 2013)

Another thing that the Nemo blizzard affected was the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers‘ Pride and Prejudice Ball. Luckily, the ball was able to be rescheduled for this past weekend, which means that I did wind up having an opportunity to wear my new 1813 red gown (my HSF #1 project) after all! And that means pictures! Lots of pictures, in fact. I think I’ll split this into two posts… To start: the clothes!

New dress!
These pictures capture the color much better than my original pictures from January.
Accessories: opera length kid gloves, white stockings and shoes, a gold laurel tiara, earrings to match the trim on my dress, and pearls.
I wore the petticoat I built to go under my 1812 square neck gown, which is apparently a little longer than this new dress, because the hem of my petticoat was sticking out! Luckily, I had a needle and a friend had white thread, so I quickly basted up the hem of my petticoat so it wouldn’t show.
Our colors match! So cute!
The back of the creative Grecian sash wrapping. It was a great way to jazz up a white dress.
More cuteness in the family.
Great hair!
Those face curls are hard to achieve without bangs. These look lovely!
I tried the face curls, but it looked foolish. In the end I really liked how my hair turned out though! Super regal!
More lovely face curls.

I thought everyone outdid their Regency selves and looked fantastic! I have to say, though, that not all these pictures are mine. Some are from a friend who caught all sorts of gorgeous moments! Thanks for sharing! More to come soon, with actual dancing and during the ball pictures.

8 thoughts on “Lovely Clothes, Lovely Ball: Part I (Pride and Prejudice Ball 2013)

  1. Oh, how marvelous! You must have had a wonderful evening. There’s nothing quite as fun as a Regency ball! I’m looking forward to attending one at the Bath Assembly Rooms during the Jane Austen Festival this year. I’ll need to brush up on my English country dancing, though!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Your dress looks lovely and I can’t wait to see it on the “dancefloor” (will there be “dance” pictures in the second post?) So happy for you that the ball could be rescheduled. A wonderful colourful dress and wonderful ball to shoo away winter’s tristesse and welcome spring!

    1. Yes, Sabine, you read my mind! The next post includes pictures of the dancing. 🙂 I’m so glad I was able to attend the rescheduled ball–there was some possibility I wouldn’t make it.

  3. Your dress looked gorgeous at the ball, Quinn! It’s such a yummy color. And the CVD’s exhibition dance looked like a lot of fun to perform. Just wish I’d taken my camera!

    1. Thanks, Steph! Next time we’re at the same event you’ll have to come introduce yourself so I can put a face with your name. Any chance you’ll be able to attend the Regency Weekend in April? You’ll get to learn some of the neat steps we did during the exhibition! 🙂

      1. I kept meaning to come say ‘hi’, Quinn, but I got caught up in the dancing and chatting with a group of young ladies who were attending as part of a class. So cool that their teacher encouraged them to attend a Regency ball. I thought about introducing myself as I left, but that seemed rather silly. Anyway, I will look into the Regency Weekend and see if I can make it.

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