Regency Christmas Party At The Commandant’s House

IMG_3974This past weekend, the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers participated in a Regency Christmas party for a public event at the Charlestown Navy Yard. It’s the same venue as the Guerriere Weekend we participated in a few months ago. I wore the same 1812 hand sewn gown I made for that event, which you can read more about in this post. We danced and played games while the public wandered through, watching and taking pictures, and eating the delicious cookies and punch we provided. We love that space, so of course we enjoyed being there again. I took the opportunity of the Christmas party to try out my red clocked stockings from American Duchess... they were perfectly fitting for the Christmas cheer!

Posing with the lovely tea set that was set out to add ambiance to the scene.
Playing Blind Man’s Bluff.
I was having trouble finding a person…
But I had cute stockings!
So someone had to be made a sacrifice!
Yay! I caught someone!
Another glimpse of my red stockings as I passed off the blind fold.
After the party we stuck around to get some extra pictures. I had to get a real pose with my stockings!
Then we staged a few fake scenes to take pictures for possible CVD advertising opportunities.
It was one of those “look into each other’s eyes” scenes, which I somehow get put in rather often… Anyway, I like this picture because you can see my hair. I took a long time (and a lot of bobby pins) putting it up and really liked the result.
Then I grouped some of the dancers to get some nice “as though you are dancing” shots. This is how we would begin and end a dance.
Back to scenes. Aren’t these scenes by the fireplace super cute?
Last one. Missing Mr. Darcy, perhaps?

As you can see, it was a fun Christmas gathering. We look forward to participating in more events at the Commandant’s House next year!


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