1910 Dress Inspiration and Classification

The next historically clothed event in my life is Titanic-themed and I have five busy weeks in front of me to prepare for it. I’m quite excited to see everyone’s clothes from a whole new era that is so different from the usual 19th century looks. I’ll share some of my progress on my emerging 1912 wardrobe soon, but for now here is a selection of inspirational dresses for your perusal!

In what order would you classify these dresses? You are welcome to create unique descriptions to describe the order you choose! I’ll let you comment and share my classification later (I want to avoid swaying anyone my way, you see).

1=Favorite! 2=Almost favorite 3=Beautiful, but not my style

1910 Ball Gown (The Met)

1910 Ball Gown (The Met)

1909-1911 Worth Evening Dress (The Met)

1909-1911 Worth Evening Dress (The Met)

c. 1910 Worth Evening Dress (The Met)

c. 1910 Worth Evening Dress (The Met)


About quinnmburgess

Quinn M. Burgess creates reproduction and costume historic clothing. Her inspiration has a strong foundation in history: historic dress, social history, and material history. With the addition of clothing construction knowledge, her passions converge in an imaginative world of creative history that she loves to share with others.
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2 Responses to 1910 Dress Inspiration and Classification

  1. M says:

    1910 ball gown=1
    1909 worth=3
    1910 worth=2

    I just prefer the straight neckline
    But I love the shoulderpieces on all 3.
    I also like the ‘belt’ as empire waist on the last one.
    What kind of corset are you going to wear underneath it?

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