Fezziwig’s Ball 2011

Well, I promised you pictures of my new hair crescent in place… and I did wear it with Belle, my dark blue ball gown, to Fezziwig’s Ball recently… but I was so caught up in the fun of the evening I forgot to stop and have someone take a still picture of the crescent! (I’m sure I will wear it again, though, so hopefully I’ll remember at that time.) This post about last year’s Fezziwig’s Ball gives you background on the theme and title of the ball.

I do have some pictures of me dancing where you can see the crescent: I’ll point those out to you. Ready to whirl away on a dancing adventure? Look on!

Look! You can see half of the crescent!

Such wonderfully dressed Regency period dancers

More of those fabulous Regency dancers

Hair crescent, again!

Everyone seems to be having such a lovely time

Oh no, this one is blurry. But you can see all of the hair crescent!

What a lovely bunch of dancers

All lined up for a dance (I spy, Father Christmas!)

Lavish refreshments!

As a final note, let me just say that the evening was wonderful. My favorite moment: the Grand March proceeding up and down stairs, twice! The room was so full that the leaders ran out of options and marched down the stairs!


About quinnmburgess

Quinn M. Burgess creates reproduction and costume historic clothing. Her inspiration has a strong foundation in history: historic dress, social history, and material history. With the addition of clothing construction knowledge, her passions converge in an imaginative world of creative history that she loves to share with others.
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