A Magical Walk Through The Woods

My last two posts were aimed at sharing photos of my black wool 3/4 circle skirt and 1950s boysenberry raglan cardigan. Those posts both included a bunch of photos, all of which were taken during a magical walk through the woods, but there were many wonderful photos in addition to those that I didn’t feel needed to be added to the garment documentation posts.

Accordingly, I’ve decided to share more in this post!

Hopefully this is a nice ‘armchair’ outing into the snowy, magical woods! Welcome to the adventure!

This snow was very early–occurring on October 30. Due to that early date, there was a beautiful mix of iconic golden bronze New England leaves still on the trees as well as on the ground, mixed with the snow.

The snow was rather sticky, as you can see in the photos, so not only was it clinging to the trunks and branches, but it also clung to the leaves. The combination of slanting sunlight filtering through the trees created an incredible glow.

The snow, only a few inches deep, created a quiet hush over the woods. It provided enticing opportunities to step off the paths, something that is less likely during other seasons, when branches are full of leaves and poison ivy might be lurking in the undergrowth.

In between photos, I donned my coat and orange vest. Safety is important when it’s hunting season in the woods!

I found it quite tempting to pause and listen to stillness, admiring the majestic height of the pine trees and the beauty of the forest.

It was fascinating to see how the wooded areas bathed in shadows retained much of the snow throughout the walk, while areas that were in more direct sunlight were quite clear of snow. Look at the contrast!

The colors were so vibrant! The mix of bronze leaves on the trees and ground, green algae on the river, boysenberry sweater, and blue sky are such a contrast to the snowy scenes that we found only a mile or so back on the wooded path.

The colors look even more vibrant in this photo. I think the green branch really brings out the green in the river and pops against the purple of the sweater.

By this point in the walk my down coat was rather too warm, combined with all my other layers. The snow felt the same way, I think, as most of it had melted, leaving bare leaves and trees.

The pine trees in this part of the forest were a different variety. I’m not an expert on tree types, but these remind me more of drooping Douglas Fir trees than the very tall pine trees.

Scattered around were also many baby pine trees, pushing their way up through the snow and leaves to get their share of sunshine!

There are always many photos that don’t make the cut, but I found some of the ones from this outing to be particularly amusing, so I thought I’d share a few outtakes, too!

This is probably the most logical one. As the day warmed up the sticky snow was falling off the trees in clumps and landing everywhere… including on my head! Easy to dust off, but amusing!

Next, I have this photo, in which I believe I’m trying to keep a branch from poking me in the head. I actually love the background… this little gully is lovely, with the floating leaves and curved shape leading out to the river. But… my arms remind me of a family joke about ‘keeping the elephants’ away, which is amusing.

Lastly, my favorite outtake. The ‘what??? confusion’ face! This one just makes me laugh.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful, snowy armchair outing!

9 thoughts on “A Magical Walk Through The Woods

  1. Oh, your pictures are so magical indeed, so very beautiful!! Thank you for sharing more of these! Such a glorious setting. And your outfit kept you both warm and looking good, so YAY!

  2. Thank you so much for the excellent armchair-travel! I thoroughly enjoy the walk through the woods with you! The photo with the golden leaves on the fresh snow is utterly beautiful! I am always happy to live close to the woods, but in the past few years our forest changed due to storms, summer heat and draught and the bark beetle, still the old oaks sing their songs throughout the seasons! Luckily – as shown in your photos – new life grows everywhere on the leafy soil and soon the snow is gone and spring is back with all the birds song.
    I am looking forward to seeing what new spring fashions you will show us on this amazing forest catwalk!

    1. Thank you for joining me in the woods, Sabine! I’m so glad you enjoyed the outing! It is good to hear that the woods are able to survive all of those changes… and to think that spring will be with us soon! I love the idea that the forest is the catwalk! 🙂

  3. Great photos. Glad you shared them and the outtakes are fun! The woods are a study in contrasts, with some parts snowy and and some parts sunny and green. In the summer it’s the same, only some cool, some wet, some dry, some hot.

  4. Oh, lovely! I especially love that color combination of your very warm looking outfit against the snow and leaves in the woods.
    The last measureable snow we had was a couple of months ago. My son came home and whisked me to our nearby covered bridge to enjoy pretty snow and take pretty pictures…as the meltdown began.
    Once I arrived home I realized I should have thrown on some of my sewn pieces most conducive for warmth to take photos.
    The only snow boots I have are modern. I have very narrow feet, so it’s difficult for me to find any shoes to fit. What kind of boots were you wearing?

    1. Thank you!

      Ooo, a covered bridge in the snow sounds very picturesque! Even if you didn’t get photos this time, perhaps a future snow will provide additional opportunities!

      The boots in these photos are modern snow boots from Land’s End. They work well for my narrow feet. 🙂

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