Picking Peaches In Plum Pants

The first outing of my Plum Pants With Pointed Pockets was to pick peaches! This was a great socially distanced and outdoor activity that I highly enjoyed (apparently the orchards around here are seeing record turnout for pick-your-own this year due to people looking for outdoor activities).

The orchard was lovely, full of charming vistas, and it was easy to walk to the far ends of the orchard where there were few people.

Here I am, casually picking peaches in my plum pants! Lest you fear that masks were not worn on this outing, here is the photographic evidence that I did have a mask with me. I intentionally sought out areas with no other people around so that I could remove my mask for a few photos.

In addition to the fun of hunting for the best peaches on the trees, I had a peck of peaches to bring home with me at the end of the day!

These were the most delicious, sweet peaches!

I ate them plain, I blended them down to make peach puree for cocktails, I baked a peach-thyme galette, I added them to smoothies… There was a lot of peach in my life for a few weeks!

Yum! I’ll definitely be picking fresh peaches again in the future!

And I’m pleased that my Plum Pants have been worn a few times since the peach outing as well!

8 thoughts on “Picking Peaches In Plum Pants

  1. Great job. Love that you were able to get out and enjoy. Did you pick any peaches? What did you do with them? I have a great spiced peaches recipe. Super easy to bottle them up for future use. Cheers

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was wonderful to get fresh air and exercise! I came home with a whole peck of peaches (probably about 30 or 40 individual peaches). I ate them plain (sooo sweet and delicious!), made smoothies, deserts, cocktails… Spiced peaches sounds good, too!

  2. Peaches, what a plummy pair of slacks!

    Hooray for a day in a fragrant grove, and hooray for weeks of peach dishes. That’s a short but happy season.

    If you’re ever overloaded with peaches, you can make a pie crust in a cast-iron skillet, load it with peaches, a toss of sugar and butter, and then make a crumble with flour and butter, brown sugar and lots of ginger and nutmeg and bake it. I invented that to use a bunch of fast-over-ripening peaches maybe 25 years ago, and called it, kid you not, seat-of-the-pants peach pie. It was extra rich, then, to see your post.

    Very best indeed,

    Natalie in KY where it frosted heavily last night

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