Why So Quiet?

I was off getting married to Mr. Q! Final planning and execution rather dominated my life for a bit and then it was off for our honeymoon. Settling back into regular life didn’t take too long, but opening gifts, writing thank you cards, life errands, catching up on reading other people’s blog posts, and starting new sewing projects (because of course that didn’t take me long!) has delayed my return to posting. Don’t worry, when I have pictures of the wedding I will share, but in the meantime I have exciting pictures of the usual historical clothing variety to share, partly because I was busy with historically clothed events right up until less than a week before the wedding and partly because I’m already back to sewing more things and attending more events. Regularly-topic-ed posts will return soon!

4 thoughts on “Why So Quiet?

  1. Whoot Whoot!!! Congratulations on your wedding and marriage Quinn!! Now hurry and get your stuff done so we can see pictures!!!! And I was wondering why you were so silent!!

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