Suffrage Song: While We Go Marching Together

At last year’s Plymouth Thanksgiving Parade in November 2014, I portrayed suffragists with the same ladies as I did in 2013. I recently posted about the finally finished 1917 wool skirt I wore that day, but I thought it would be fun to share this video also and it didn’t quite fit in with the skirt post. It’s a little clip of us singing a suffrage song: While We Go Marching Together. For more information on suffrage songs, one of the other participants from our suffrage adventures wrote a blog post about them awhile ago that you can view here.

In addition to singing suffrage songs, we made suffrage ribbons and photocopied suffrage pamphlets, both to hand out to the public while interacting with them about the subject of women’s suffrage. We talked with men, women, and children about the value of women’s suffrage and the history of the movement, encouraging everyone to consider the importance of the right of women to vote.

2 thoughts on “Suffrage Song: While We Go Marching Together

  1. How lovely! Thank you for sharing the video.
    Singing in general is something that feels period. Nowadays it unfortunately seems to vanish and is hardly ever heard at modern gatherings and assemblies or simply like it was heard decades ago…It feels as if people used to sing much more even in daily life than we do today…

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