Snow Adventures In The BPG

Last weekend, I took my new skates out on the ice! I took two hard falls due mostly to other people stopping in front of me, but I still had fun. It didn’t feel nearly as cold as it actually was while we moving in the sun. We went out to skate purely for the fun of doing so and didn’t wear historical clothes as we had originally intended, which meant that I could convince Mr. Q to go! (He’s behind the camera.)

Ice skating in modern clothes with the usual suspect.

On our way to the ice rink we wandered through the Boston Public Garden. During the spring and summer there are all sorts of stunning flowers (I’ve seen huge beds of multi-colored tulips during the spring and lovely tropical looking plants during the summer), but with all the snow we’ve had this winter the scene was entirely different!

The sign, which is about 2 ½ to 3 feet tall, reads “Please keep off the lawn”…
That line of green you see? Not a railing. That’s the back of some of the benches that line the paths! The snow has condensed so that when walking around on the uncleared parts of the garden you’re walking at seat height (see the seat slats poking out in a few places along the way?).
There is an island out in the middle of part of the pond that you can’t reach when the pond is full of water (also, it’s often being patrolled by angry looking swans), but with the pond drained and full of snow we were able to clamber about on it!
For comparison, that same island is behind me in this picture from our May picnic in 2014 (more pictures of the garden are in that post, also).
And here’s a swan boat on the other end of the pond at an August picnic in 2012 (more pictures of the garden, including the tropical looking plants, in that post).

Quite a different scene! We’re all looking forward to spring here in Boston (can you blame us?), though I doubt our snow piles will melt for months!

4 thoughts on “Snow Adventures In The BPG

  1. Yay for new skates! I cannot believe all the snow you all over on the right side of the states have been getting!!! Send it our way! We need it!

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