HSF/M #2: 1811 UFO Completed

I used the deadline of the HSF/M Challenge #2: Blue to finish the nagging little things on my 1811 Elusive Blue evening gown that either didn’t make it to completion in time for the first wearing last April or that bothered me after wearing it that first time. The changes: lengthening the hem of the underdress, adding a drawstring below the bust to control where the fullness and folds will fall beneath the overdress, fixing a section of pearls on the back hem that had come loose, and creating trim to finish off the sleeve openings.

The trim on the sleeve openings is probably the most noticeable and interesting of the things that brought the dress to completion.

Just the facts:

Fabric: Scraps of elusive blue and dark blue fabric from the original dress.

Pattern: None, though I did reference Sabine’s trim creation method to create the dark blue trim on the sleeves.

Year: 1811.

Notions: Extra pearls, thin yarn for cording, and thread.

How historically accurate is it? The trim is directly inspired by this extant gown at the Met and is entirely hand sewn. I think it would be recognizable by someone in 1811, so the only points off would be for inaccurate fabric choice. Let’s say 90%.

Hours to complete: As usual, I did not keep track for the changes/finishing or for the original construction. I can safely say, “a lot.”

First worn: At a Regency Weekend in April 2014, unfinished. It has not yet been worn in its finished state.

Total cost: Free, because all the scraps were in the stash!

Hopefully I’ll get to wear it (in its now completed state) within the next few months.

2 thoughts on “HSF/M #2: 1811 UFO Completed

  1. Isn’t getting something just the way you want it a nice feeling! I hope you’re able to post proper photos of the dress soon, because the tiny glimpse in the event post definitely left me wanting to see more!

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