Vernet Project: Merveilleuses & Incroyables

Really exciting things are secretly brewing amongst an international group of historical seamstresses, tailors, and costumers. They are strange, beautiful, unusual, fun, just plain weird, and detailed… and they are coming to life in 2015!


Join us on Facebook and look forward to more tantalizing posts here and around the historical clothing and costuming blog-world as we research, sew, and prepare to unveil this amazing project in December 2015. Do you Vernet?


About TheQuintessentialClothesPen

The Quintessential Clothes Pen creates historical clothing and accessories as well as modern garments.
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5 Responses to Vernet Project: Merveilleuses & Incroyables

  1. Caroline says:

    Awesome! Are you making up one of the fashion plates?


  2. Raven says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about this! So cool!

  3. Laurie says:

    I did join the fb page to keep up with this set of mystery projects!

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