Summary of 2013: Looking Forward to 2014

2013 flew by. Really, it’s hard to believe it is 2014 already… As I did in 2011, and 2012, here is the year 2013 in review and a look at the upcoming year 2014.

Completed projects in 2013:

IMG_0958 - Version 2
January: 1813 Evening Gown (HSF #1)
January: 1823 Petticoat (HSF #2)
February: 18th Century Pockets (HSF #3)
March: Evie the 1864 Ball Gown trim (HSF #4)
March: Purple Ballroom Competition Dress
March: Blue Under Dress (HSF #5)
March: Regency Tree Gown 1815 (HSF #9) and Stripe-y Regency Reticule (HSF #6)
April: 1815 Tree Bonnet (HSF #7)
May: 1925 beaded evening gown (HSF #10)
June: 1926 blue dress and slip
June: 18th Century Apricot Petticoat (HSF #11)
July: 18th Century Bum Roll (HSF #15)
July: Georgina, from 1858, and 1857 Eugenie hat (HSF #16)
August: Refreshing Apron and Red & Gold Regency Tiara (HSF #18)
August: 1953 dot dress
September: Mineral Felicite Stomacher (HSF #19)
October: 1822 Walking Dress Trim (HSF #20)
IMG_4988 - Version 2
October: Evie Sleeve Trim (HSF #21)
October: 1917 Angorina Sweater (HSF #23). December: 1917 Fur Hat and Revised Muff (HSF #24) and 1917 Gaiters (HSF #25).
November: 1823 Evening Gown Trim December: 1823 hair wreath
December: 1760s Mineral Felicite Jacket

Whew! And that’s only the list of things I made for fun and for myself (no work or commissions included in that list!). As I look forward to 2014, here’s what my confirmed sewing list is looking like:

February: Late Regency evening turban

March: new Annabelle hair wreath

April: 1814 pelisse and hat, 1811 evening gown

June: Georgina evening bodice

December: 1830s or maybe 1840s evening gown

At some point: 18th century court gown and grand panniers

There are lots of other things that may or may not be started or finished, including (but absolutely not limited to) and in no particular order: an Anne Adams pattern 1930s-does-modern dress, an 1885 summer dress and hat, an 1860s corset, an 1820s bonnet, painting and decorating my Kensingtons, adding a giant bow to my 1928 evening dress, an 18th century hand quilted petticoat, more Regency reticules, and a whole host of other possibilities.

Looking at what I thought I would complete in 2013, I think I did a pretty good job of sticking to my plans. Some of the things that were on my to do list are on the 2013 to do list again because I didn’t start them, or I started them but didn’t finish them. And as usual, there are some things that have been dropped off of my list entirely because I decided I didn’t need them or I used the fabrics for some other project.

To recap other things, this blog was awarded three different blog awards in 2013!

Lovely Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

2013 was also the first year of The Historical Sew Fortnightly hosted by The Dreamstress. My goal was to complete as many challenges as I could without making things just for the sake of making things. Out of 27 challenges, I completed 21 of them. There was a stretch of time over the summer where the projects I needed/wanted to sew didn’t line up with challenge themes or the things that I hoped to finish didn’t get done… Some of those things are still on my UFO pile, even at this point in the year! And there were a few other challenges throughout the year that just didn’t fit with anything I had planned or had the time and materials to build. 21 out of 27 is pretty good, though, considering I made lots of other things that didn’t qualify for the HSF.

And how many events did I attend? 22 total, I think. This breaks down as 10 balls, 4 performances (I feel like I must have done more than this, but I can’t think of what they were), and 7 other events including picnics, archery, kite flying, roller skating, etc. Multi-day extravaganzas include a Regency Intensive Dance Weekend and an 1860s Dance Weekend.

Here’s looking forward to 2014. Blessings!

IMG_7387 (1)

10 thoughts on “Summary of 2013: Looking Forward to 2014

  1. I have to say, I truly look forward to seeing your emails! The dresses are just beautiful and it looks like you have so much fun at the events you go to. Hand sewn or machine, your work is truly something to admire, and while I cannot achieve your level of creativity, it’s exciting to watch you do it. And I even learn something occasionally!! Here’s hoping the new year is as productive for you as the last, and that your readers get to share in it!

  2. Hello Quinn!

    My but you were busy making glorious things this past year! I really love all of your Regency Era things and the 1920s beaded dress…I think those are my favorites! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!!!


  3. Wow!! You´ve been very busy this last year!
    I´ve enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all your projects – especially your Regency clothes! Looking forward to your projects in 2014!

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