Picnic At The Commandant’s House

A few weekends ago I participated in a picnic and dance performance at the Commandant’s House. You might remember that we danced there last August? It was great fun last year and we were pleased to be able to participate in another event at this lovely location.

This time around we were there mostly to picnic, so that’s what the majority of my pictures are from. But we did dance a little in the house and lounged around to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

I love how picturesque we all look in this photo! It’s sort of funny how the white dresses all clumped on one side and the colored dresses on the other.
After eating we played Graces.
It’s much more fun with lots of people and lots of hoops!
We played it in a big circle and would just call someone’s name to get their attention (hopefully) before flinging the hoops at them.
There were some really good catches and really close misses.
We had a great time and laughed a lot!
With trees around, I’m sure you can guess what happened…
I didn’t want to do a boring bun, so I opted for two rolls of hair instead.
We were called from Graces to dance inside the house. I was particularly appreciative of this wallpaper this time around. It’s in the entry hallway. You can see other interior pictures of the house in this post from last year.
The curtains in this room have a lovely glow when the sun shines on them.
Looking for Mr. Darcy, perhaps? I just love the shadows and the glow.

6 thoughts on “Picnic At The Commandant’s House

    1. Yes, it is an absolute blessing to be able to share these events with other like-minded people. It’s also fabulous to be able to share the memories with other awesome people via the internet. 😉

  1. Thank you for sharing your picnic photos. The event looks like much fun. Lovely to see that you played the game of graces…I guess with the autumnly weather these days, the picnic season is now closed until next year – le sigh!

  2. I particularly like the last photo of you looking out the window–very romantic. The composition is excellent, the light/shadow balance is wonderful, and there are so many stories I can imagine about this woman looking out the window…

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