Get Me To The Church On Time

Well, not me, exactly… (But please, tell me you know what movie the title of this post is referencing! I love that movie!)

Anyway, let’s start at a place that’s not at the beginning (yikes, I’m full of movie references right now!) and explain about the church, and getting there on time.

It’s hard to see, but right there in the middle of the board is the Parish Church.

This is the Pride and Prejudice board game, one of the amusements we took part in at a somewhat recent Regency picnic! There are four players who each control two characters (a male and a female). The goal is to collect various tokens either by visiting different places on the board or answering trivia questions and then, finally, to be the first person to get both of your chracters to the church. Now does the title of this post make more sense?

I was Jane and Mr. Bingley.

The game was quite fun and amusing, though I could imagine it would be a lot slower and less interesting if the players had a very low level of knowledge about Pride and Prejudice.

To back up to the beginning, though, the game followed food eating time at the picnic. We had a pretty elaborate picnic set-up with vases, and silver, and vinyl lace table cloth…

Flowers, lemonade, sparkling cider…
Sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes, pastries…
Obviously, Newman was around in the Regency.

After food and board games, we took a walk around the park we were picnicking at for some photos. The park is full of lovely little dips, stone walls, creeks, waterfalls, and plants. It’s quite lovely!





So picturesque! This could totally be out of a Jane Austen scene.
Group shot. I wore my 1815 Tree Gown and bonnet, accessorized with a sapphire cross necklace, my stripe-y reticule, blue American Duchess stockings, and pointy tan shoes.
I didn’t bring a fan, but the other ladies did. Aren’t they all lovely?

Ok, so if you have read to the bottom of this post and you’re still wondering what movie the title is referencing, I’ll give you the answer. It’s My Fair Lady. Fabulous hats, gorgeous jewels and tiaras, cups of tea, fun and funny songs, Audrey Hepburn, and Rex Harrison. Please go watch it, if you like these things and have never seen it! (Oh, and the second movie reference is The Sound of Music. Another amazing movie you should watch many, many times!)

11 thoughts on “Get Me To The Church On Time

    1. I’m not positive, but I believe one of the ladies in the picture made them. If I remember properly she had used images from period fans and had them printed on spoon flower before assembling the fans herself.

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