In Black And White

I was curious to see what some recent pictures of my 1925 beaded gown would look like in black and white rather than color. Here are the results.

IMG_4425 - Version 2
Close up, portrait style.
IMG_0050 - Version 2
Full length.

I think I like them better as pictures, though perhaps not as much for showing off the dress. They really have more of a 1920s feel to them, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “In Black And White

  1. Are you a member of a costuming group of some sort? I’d love to attend more events in various costumes. Renaissance faires and SCA only cover pre 1600s and I am working on a chemise a la reine and need only an event to begin my Victorian project.

    1. Neat! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I’m a member of the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. We are a performing vintage dance troupe that also hosts balls, workshops, and events that are open to public. Our performances and many of our public events include historic costume.

      I’m also part of the Massachusetts Costumers. We are a group of friends who generally do non-dancing events in historic costume.

      If you’re in the New England area you should check out our events! If you’re not in the area, there are probably people near you doing some sort of thing from the past few hundred years. Where are you?

  2. I’m in Connecticut so both of those would work well for me. The Mass Costumers website is out of date and I tried emailing the address listed on the website and got a kick back. How do you correspond with the Mass Costumers and find out about events?

    1. Sorry to be slow in responding to your question. Life gets busy! Likewise, the Mass Costumers have been pretty busy with life lately, causing the website to be a bit neglected and not many events to be happening. The website will hopefully be updated soon-ish, and that’s the best way to stay connected. It won’t be updated right away, because as I said, life is busy, but I’d check in periodically. I know that’s not very clear or precise and I do apologize. In the meantime, though, the other group I pointed out to you, the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers, is quite active and up to date, website-wise. If you decide to come to an event, you should certainly introduce yourself so I can put a face with a name.

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